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At 3Search, we know that as a Bid Director, you are a critical part of the overall success of a bid. Responsible for ensuring that all bids submitted are of high quality and concise. In addition, you’ll be managing any resubmissions or clarifications requested by the clients and, further, be responsible for preparing and training new Bid Managers. 

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You are a creative and critical thinker, taking pride in your performance and taking ownership of the submitted bid proposals. You’re always mindful of the brand image and its impact on the outcome of bids - finding answers to problems arising before, during and after a bid is submitted. In addition, you are a team player with the interpersonal skills to manage or lead people and build relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. 

We know much about your role as a Bid Director involves producing, managing and overseeing the bid process. You’ll be accountable for assigning team members to bids and projects. You will be the one who can lead, motivate and inspire Bid Managers, as well as their team, in collaborative projects. The proposals produced will be compelling through this support and leadership.  

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Bid Director: What can you expect?

For the role of Bid Director, we have crafted a list of the potential responsibilities and requirements employers are looking for in their candidates. Take a read-through to discover more about the daily running of the role.

Responsibilities of a Bid Director

  • Ensure pre-qualification questionnaires are completed with detailed information 
  • Oversee tender submissions across a broad range of stakeholders and manage the review process with other business Directors 
  • Manage and improve a businesses knowledge database for bid evidence, boilerplates, case studies, CVs, InDesign and more
  • An ability to plan, develop and create supplementary tender documents, such as interview presentations
  • Use tendering portals to manage information flow

Requirements of a Bid Director

  • Excellent interpersonal written and verbal communication skills
  • Great management and organisation skills
  • Clear attention to detail with an eye for accuracy 
  • High-level ability to liaise and build long-lasting relationships with clients and internal stakeholders
  • Ability to oversee and manage the distribution of great content distribution through various online channels
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Bid Director: Salary Expectations


The average salary for a Bid Director across the UK: 

London: £90,000 - £120,000

Greater Manchester:  £80,000 - £110,000


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Progression opportunities for a Bid Director

Any company will be interested in your wide range of skills, which you have cultivated over your time as a Bid Director. Regardless of the industry you are in or desire to go to, these talents can be transferable. We’ve gathered a selection of potential career progression opportunities with their corresponding salary expectations to help you understand them clearly. In addition, 3Search has compiled some possible routes for you to venture down and aid in your decision-making. 

Your experience as a Bid Director will help smooth the transition into a senior role. Head of Bids and Proposals is one of the most senior roles within the bid department. You will manage the bid management and bid writing teams for all the various industries as the Head of Bids and Proposals. This role requires someone that is very meticulous and good at managing their time, staying on top of market trends and implementing them into all phases of the bid process.

Salary Expectations: £90,000 - £120,000

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We can support you. Our team of specialist recruitment consultants are highly qualified and have much experience placing bids and proposing talent with international organisations. At 3Search, we are your partners. We want to help you with opportunities to learn and grow. We adapt our recruitment processes to suit your career goals and individual needs. Speak to a member of our team right away if you'd like to learn more about how we operate. You can also look through our most recent Bid Director jobs below.

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