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We know much about the role of a Bid Manager involves maintaining a commercial and operational understanding of the bid process. This understanding will enable you to supply the appropriate knowledge within the bid. This level of expertise acquired throughout your career allows you to select the finest contributors who can enhance the proposal with their knowledge and experience.

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As a Bid Manager, we understand your vital role in a competitive business environment. Responsible for building strategies for business development and winning contracts that can allow your business to grow and generate additional revenue.

You are a versatile individual with excellent resource coordination, ensuring that the departments are in sync with one another and producing profitable proposals. In addition, you’ll be able to work to tight deadlines and manage a team of people. You will also research the current and future market trends, assessing and addressing the commercial risks and negotiating with specialist suppliers and subcontractors.

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Bid Manager: What can you expect?

At 3Search, we understand the need for Bid Managers to deliver high volumes of work within strict deadlines. For the role of Bid Manager, we have crafted a list of the potential responsibilities and requirements employers are looking for in their candidates. Read through to discover more about the daily running of the role.

Responsibilities of a Bid Manager

  • Fill out pre-qualification questionnaires 
  • Manage the developments of tender submissions across various bid stakeholders and oversee the review stages with the appropriate Director 
  • Create and develop supplementary tender documents, including interview presentations
  • Manage and organise information flow through various tendering portals and tools
  • Help manage a business's ability to utilise and enhance its knowledge of boilerplates, InDesign, case studies, CVs, bid evidence and more 

Requirements of a Bid Manager

  • Produce great content for online channels such as websites and social media
  • Create marketing materials for a client, from writing copy for brochures to organising photos and designing other marketing assets
  • Ability to use a CRM platform to manage information relating to the specific project
  • Strong ability to liaise with clients and internal stakeholders regarding ongoing work and future projects
  • A creative innovator with an attention to detail and the ability to problem solve
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Bid Manager: Salary Expectations


The average salary for a Bid Manager across the UK: 

London: £65,000 - £80,000

Greater Manchester: £50,000 - £70,000  


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Progression opportunities for Bid Managers

Any company will be interested in your highly diverse Bid Manager skill set because it has been developed over a lengthy period. No matter what industry you are in or desire to go to, these talents are easily transferable. We’ve gathered a selection of potential career progression opportunities with their corresponding salary expectations to help you understand them clearly. 3Search has picked some possible routes for you to venture down and aid in your decision-making. 

From Bid Manager to Senior Bid Manager, the next step in your career progress. You’ll be taking charge of the entire bid process and creating and overseeing a bid team. With the expertise and knowledge to create and submit a winning bid. They are typically in charge of managing an opportunity from the moment a customer requirement is first identified to the strategy for contract renewal.  

Salary Expectations: £75,000 - £110,000

You can move to any place using the knowledge and abilities you've acquired while holding a senior job, like Bid Manager. You will be able to transition into a directing role easily because of the exposure that comes with being the Bid Manager. You will be able to develop successful bids that are in accordance with business objectives by becoming a bid director. In order to make sure the activity goes properly, you'll also keep solid connections with the clients and the bid procedure.

Salary Expectation: £90,000 - £120,000

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We can help. Our team of specialist recruitment consultants are experts and have an extensive history of placing bid and proposal talent into global organisations. At 3Search, we are your partners. We want to help you with opportunities to learn and grow. We adapt our recruitment processes to suit your career goals and individual needs.  If you’d like to learn more about our methodology, speak to a team member today. Alternatively, you can browse our latest Bid Manager jobs below.

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