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Building marketing teams in the professional services industry in 2023

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Do you need to add to your marketing teams before the end of the year?At this point in the y...

Do you need to add to your marketing teams before the end of the year?

At this point in the year, many businesses will be assessing their marketing strategies, what progress they’ve made so far and what resources they require to meet their targets. If you find that you need to make additions to your team, it’s important to move quickly and confidently in order to make impactful permanent hires.

Our professional services recruiters have updated our 2023 How to Hire report for those employers looking to hire in H2. They detail the marketing recruitment trends we’ve seen so far this year, which we expect to continue, and include a detailed salary guide for permanent and interim hires.


How has marketing recruitment changed in the professional services industry?

Last year the marketing recruitment industry was a lot busier than what we’re currently seeing. In 2022, candidates at all levels – from Marketing Assistants through to CMOs – were inundated with job opportunities across the professional services sector.

Now, we’re experiencing a much calmer recruitment market, with more marketers actively searching for a new role. This doesn’t surprise us, however, as we see hiring levels return to normal.

Some may believe that with more candidates on the market, it makes recruitment easier. This isn’t necessarily true, however, with employers facing different challenges this year, including:

  1. The cost-of-living crisis
  2. An increased number of applications
  3. Limited hiring resources
  4. Fast-approaching deadlines

If you find yourself facing the same challenges, we highly recommend downloading our How to Hire report. This report details the very latest of advice from our specialist professional services recruitment consultants about how you can successfully hire marketers before the year is over, including London marketing salaries for permanent and interim jobs.

Marketing salaries in professional services businesses

According to our data, we saw a 20% increase in salaries between 2021 and 2022. Although salaries haven’t continued to rise at the same rate, they also haven’t decreased. In the first half of this year, salaries have increased by an average of 2%.

If you’re yet to hire marketers in 2023, we would highly recommend benchmarking salaries to ensure you’re offering competitive compensation packages. Download our comprehensive salary guide tailored to the professional services industry to discover the latest permanent and temporary salaries.

Hiring into your professional services company? We can help!

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