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How to budget for digital and marketing jobs in Greater Manchester in 2023

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With business needs constantly evolving, marketing recruitment must change with it...

With business needs constantly evolving, marketing recruitment must change with it. According to our data, we saw a 20% increase in salaries between 2021 and 2022, so it's never been more important to benchmark salaries in line with market value in order to attract and retain talent. These unprecedented numbers mean that marketers and digital talent hired in or before 2021 are now likely to be underpaid if they haven’t received a pay rise. 

Plus, with more start-ups and global organisations moving into the Greater Manchester area, salaries for digital and marketing jobs will continue to fluctuate as demand for these professionals rises. So, what can companies in the area do in order to attract and retain digital marketing talent? 


Budgeting for Manchester-based digital and marketing jobs in 2023 

We've covered why it’s important for hiring managers to benchmark marketing salaries regularly, but how do you do it? 

Our specialist recruitment consultants have put together our 2023 Hiring Report for the Greater Manchester region, using our experience and knowledge of marketing and digital recruitment to deliver this insightful report. Download the report for advice on how to upskill your team, our predictions for hiring trends this year, and up to date permanent and contract salaries in the Greater Manchester region.




Searching for London salaries? Look no further – our 2023 Hiring Report for London-based marketers, details all of this and more. 


Supporting Manchester employers with their digital and marketing recruitment 


The recruitment market is drastically different to what it was over the past two years. In 2021-2022, the marketing and digital recruitment market was incredibly buoyant, and so many companies took advantage of the busy market, hiring a large number of professionals to expand their teams. Now, we’re starting to see the market transition back to normality. This means that organisations are re-focusing their efforts on the quality of their hires, building strongeffective and impactful marketing and digital teams rather than simply large ones 

Although the market is quieter than before, we’re still partnering with a number of businesses who are ready to take their company to the next level. From start-ups through to global organisations, we’re building industry-leading marketing and digital teams as marketing continues to be invested in across the UK.  

Specialist skill sets, such as performance marketing and CRM, continues to be in high demand as marketing teams look to become more specialised, focusing their efforts in specific areas of growth. Hiring for marketing professionals in these areas continues to be a challenge for some as demand remains strong and candidate pools in these areas are smaller than most. Salary benchmarking is especially important for attracting and retaining these skill sets 


Our move into Greater Manchester marketing recruitment  

This year marks the expansion of our specialist marketing recruitment agency into Greater Manchester. Having developed our recruitment practice in the competitive London and North American markets, delivering hundreds of successful recruitment processes, we’re ready to support Greater Manchester with their marketing jobs. 

The Greater Manchester region represents the largest city region economy outside of London. With businesses of all shapes and sizes setting up in the area, we’re excited to share our specialist marketing recruitment knowledge to support these growing businesses as they continue to scale.  

Leading the expansion is 3Search Manager, Andy Larkin. Born in Bolton, Andy believes that “all roads eventually return home” and is excited to lead our growth in the region. Find out more about our expansion into Greater Manchester and how we’re already supporting businesses in the area with their marketing and digital recruitment here. 


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To discuss the contents of our 2023 Hiring Report and your company’unique digital recruitment needs, do not hesitate to contact our expert recruitment consultants. Our team specialises by industry and marketing channel, developing their depth of expertise and extensive networks in order to best support your growth.   

With over 500 Google reviews and a five-star rating, our specialist recruitment consultants are providing the best recruitment experience you will ever have. Whether you’re thinking about hiring digital or marketing talent or looking for a new marketing job to supercharge your career, get in touch with the team. If you’re ready to hire, upload your job description and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible. 

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