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Our Blogs

Nine months ago we were three guys working out of a flat in Clapham with MTV Classics playing in the background and an idea. Back then we had a vision: provide all of the services of a great recruitment company, but do it with a personal touch and unparalleled service standards.
LinkedIn has changed the face of recruitment since its launch in 2003. Without it, and its millions of users, finding (and being found by) new employers would be much, much harder work.
Once upon a time elections in the UK were pretty straightforward. The vast majority of the votes would go to one of the two big parties – the Conservatives and Labour – and it was a near certainty that one of them would win enough MPs to form the next Government. It isn’t straightforward anymore.
As we continue to deliver on our business plan, to get to know our clients better and place the right candidates in the right business, we need to hire talented recruiters. My job in 3Search is twofold; firstly, to develop our client base and future revenue streams and, secondly, to hire the best talent we possibly can for 3Search.
Having thoroughly enjoyed working from home for the first five months, last week 3Search moved into an office on Buckingham Palace Road, in Victoria. It’s nice to share a road with the likes of American Express and Google however that’s where the synergies end!
So… 2015 is underway. That came around quick. Into the most uncomfortable month of the year. Clothes don’t fit. Can’t afford to go out. Not allowed to drink….. Or eat anything that tastes remotely good. January… the month for paying for the fun we all had at the end of the year before. Oh and it’s dark. And cold…. Not really anything to do with this blog but I thought I’d get that out of my system.
So, as the 3Search boys head out of London for a few days rest over Christmas, we wanted to write our last blog of the year before our focus switched to 2015. It’s been a hectic few weeks closing out the year and we have had a great end to 2014. I wanted to follow up on Charlie’s blog from earlier in the year and let you know some of the things we have learnt a few months into the start-up world.
So, it’s the start of month four for the lads at 3Search…. Christmas is coming, 3Search is getting fat, Charlie’s still wearing his favourite hat… Mum has sent me my Advent Calendar (I’m 31)… Things continue to go well, and with a good track record already behind us, we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog which helps hiring managers, whether they are working with us or not.
So 3Search is now fully operational and coming along nicely. We are still learning a lot every day and for that reason I thought it worthwhile to share some of our observations. Some are related to starting a business, others more towards recruitment. Let me know whether you agree with them or think I am way off!
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