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Our Blogs

Does the thought of networking make you want to run and hide? Never swapped business cards in your career? Don’t panic. As we launch our latest event this week, we’ve written a blog with the aim to take you through everything you need to know to fast-track your way to some exciting opportunities!
May marks the start of the much-anticipated British summer. Two bank holidays and a bit more sun means the start of the barbecue season, slightly sunburnt Brits and some busy golf courses. It is also a month dedicated to a topic that is swiftly swept aside, a taboo subject nobody wants to talk about. Mental Health. It’s not news to reveal that stress at work accounts for a large proportion of work-related illnesses, 40% to be exact. Studies have also found that mental health costs 300,000 jobs a year and accounts for £42bn in lost revenue. This cycle of stress, anxiety, disengagement and burnout has become the single greatest cause of employee absence.
International Women's Day - all about celebrating women from all walks of life. Read about a few of the many female entrepreneurs doing it for themselves, becoming ambassadors for change for women in the UK and all around the world.
Our avid fans (ok, perhaps I’ve over egged that…) who have followed the 3Search journey since we started in 2014 will know that we initially set out with the best of intentions to blog about our experience of starting a business and how it was all going every few months, but as seems to have become the way for many of us, life has been so busy that it’s taken a long weekend to pause, reflect and update on our recent progress.
For years, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether or not brands build an in-house marketing function or rely on external agency support. Over the last 6-12 months, I have seen a significant increase in my clients growing their in-house marketing capability through hiring channel specific marketers.
Since LinkedIn came on the social media scene back in 2009, it hit an astounding half a billion global users, with the UK being ranked the fourth most connected country in the world. And with London topping the list of the most connected place, perfecting your profile couldn’t be more important in today’s job market.
As a specialist in the Product Management recruitment space, it’s been really interesting to see how the market is continuing to change in an ever-evolving space. Over the last 12 months specifically, I have tested a number of hypotheses and gathered extensive candidate and client feedback – this blog highlights some key findings that have helped a large number of my clients to manage their interview processes more effectively. To save you time, I have highlighted the 3 most common obstacles that you are likely to face when making an offer.
Previously, interim professionals were seen as a temporary solution to organisations’ hiring needs, and in some respects even holding a negative connotation. However, with the digital landscape evolving at an ever-accelerated pace, we are finding more and more businesses are turning to interim professionals to help drive their business forward.
So, you’ve done the hard bit, you’ve decided to capitalise on the gap in your market; market research completed, notice handed in, wrote the 5-year plan, secured the finances and ready to reach for the stars. In the digital age we live in, it’s easy to just think you can hire someone to build your website in a few weeks and job done. However, it isn’t always that simple…
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