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Joe Curtis 24.02.2015 3Search Updates

What it's like standing in the hiring line

As we continue to deliver on our business plan, to get to know our clients better and place the right candidates in the right business, we need to hire talented recruiters. My job in 3Search is twofold; firstly, to develop our client base and future revenue streams and, secondly, to hire the best talent we possibly can for 3Search.

In order to do this, I speak to and meet a lot of recruitment consultants. I have my favourite coffee houses in certain areas of London and really do enjoy this part of my job; meeting recruiters and understanding what makes them tick, seeing if we are right for them and vice versa. Rhetoric from most of my contacts in recruitment suggests that the biggest limiting factor to growing a business is identifying and hiring the right talent for it. In a growing market, where a good recruitment consultant is pretty hard to find, this is easier said than done. Adding that to the huge importance of hiring the right personality ‘fit’ in such a small business makes it even tougher.

I believe we have an awesome proposition for the right people; we are building an autonomous, motivated environment where everybody has a voice. It is one of the fundamental aims of our initial business plan that nobody ever leaves 3Search to join another recruitment business. We want everyone who becomes a part of the 3Search family to love it as much as Charlie, Andy and I do. With benefits like unlimited holiday and the facility to work from home, we need to be able to trust everyone we hire implicitly. Yes, it does require a more mature attitude to work than in other ‘top down’ directive environments, but we believe that if we empower our consultants and managers completely, they will want to do the right thing for the business, and go the extra mile. We have also implemented a commission structure which we believe is one of the most attractive in the market…which will probably help.

I believe the hardest thing about building 3Search so far has been the decision to do it. We have a long road ahead and I’m sure it will have more ups and downs but so far, it’s been a riot. So if you think it’s about time you helped build a business, whilst earning well and having a load of fun, give me a shout.


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