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Lilly McGann 17.12.2018 3Search Updates, Careers Advice, Job Search

3Search’s Christmas Movie Countdown with a Twist

9 days and counting, Christmas is truly right around the corner. With the mince pies ready for Santa himself and the presents beginning to stack around the Christmas tree, it’s that time of year where EastEnders is put on the back burner and no passing second goes without watching a Christmas film every evening.

Without a doubt, everyone loves a good Christmas Film, (the cheesier the better), so we at 3Search have shared some of our favourites with you, and in true recruitment spirit, taken the recruitment lessons from them. There’s really no escape from the job search, no matter what time of year!

#1 Elf

Up first, a true Christmas classic, Elf. Having been accidentally transported to the North Pole, Buddy was raised amongst Santa’s Elves. Not being able to shake the feeling of something not being right, he travels to New York in true elf attire in search for his real Father.

Buddy causes all sorts of havoc on the streets of New York, but as much as we laugh at his hilarious actions, he teaches us a great lesson. Every new job entails adapting to a new environment. Whether that’s moving from a corporate firm to a start-up, or climbing the career ladder into a management position, you have to adjust to the new dynamics of that role. Just like Buddy who had to adjust to City life, full of escalators and people of similar height, you too will have to find your feet in this new setting. Don’t let the idea of change prohibit you from reaching your full potential in your hunt, be open-minded and flexible, who knows, a change of scenery may turn out for the best!

#2 Jack Frost

Coming in second, Jack Frost truly pulls at the heartstrings. Within the first 10 minutes, Charlie’s dad, Jack Frost, is killed in a horrific car accident on Christmas Day. A year later, Jack Frost comes back to life, in the form of a snowman, and helps Charlie get back into what he loved doing, playing hockey. However, as Christmas is coming to an end, and the temperature starts to warm up, it’s only a matter of time before Jack will melt away.

With 95 million cups of coffee being drunk every working day in Britain, Christmas calls for you to put your feet up and relax. However, if you’re considering a change of career for the new year, time is of the essence, as Jack Frost will inevitably tell you.

Don’t let your dream job melt away in front of you during this busy period. Work for recruiters does slow down, so it’s the perfect opportunity to prioritise the job search so they can put all their efforts into you. Being flexible for job interviews will make the process quicker and much smoother, and you’re likely to bag yourself a shiny new job before the New Year!

#3 The Grinch

Living in the fictional City of Whosville, the cynical and egotistical creature, The Grinch, despises Christmas. Living as an outcast in the mountains, The Grinch plans to ruin Christmas by stealing everyone’s presents, until little six-year old Cindy Lou Who comes along and causes him to have a change of heart.

Realisation strikes for The Grinch that Christmas is about coming together, rather than just about the gifts and festivities. And the same can be said about recruitment. Coming together and networking all year round is key to building lasting relationships that build strong pipelines for your future job search.

Getting your name out there is now easier than ever with the likes of powerful networking platforms. LinkedIn is the go-to job board for many recruiters, and with the platform hitting half a billion global users in April 2017, and the UK being ranked the fourth most connected country in the world, you’d be silly to miss out.

Read here to find out the best 5 ways to create a killer LinkedIn profile.


#4 Home Alone

Last but not least, an all-time favourite for many, Home Alone. After mistakenly being left behind on the Christmas family trip to Paris, Kevin has to protect the family home from the town’s con artists, after he hears talks of them planning to burgle the house.

Being witty and articulate, Kevin rigs the house with booby traps to stop the robbers. This forward-planning ultimately saves the day and is just as crucial in any recruitment process. Being organised and proactive will ensure a smooth transition from one role to the next and will guarantee the next job you step into is definitely the role for you. Kevin certainly didn’t get this skill from his parents, after all, they did forget their son!

On the flip side, the same can be said for recruiters. They need to ensure they know the roles they’re trying to fill for the client, the candidates they’ve spoken to and to keep this information confidential. All this multi-tasking requires organisation skills the McAllister’s can only dream of.

If you’re hoping to bag a new job before the New Year, there is no time like the present. Just like our top four Christmas movie countdown will tell you, being proactive is the answer. So get the Celebrations box out, put your favourite Christmas film on and get job hunting!

Merry Christmas!


3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in marketing, strategy & transformation, and tech positions. Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking for your next career move, we can help. Learn more at 3search.co.uk.

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