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Chloe Stout 15.09.2020 Careers Advice

Returning to Work After Lockdown

Returning to work is a big step. An official ‘Lockdown-is-Over’ step.

It may seem overwhelming to begin with, but with proper planning and preparation returning to work can be a breeze. We’ve compiled a list of four steps that you should consider when returning to the office.

Hopefully, they’ll get you on the right track for your return to work.



Coming out of lockdown may seem scary, but a little bit of research will help calm those nerves.

Rules and regulations are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay updated with the news to see how they apply to you.

Questions that you need to ask yourself include:

  • Am I ready to return to work?
  • Will returning to work affect my health?
  • How will I get to work?

Getting to work may be your primary concern so it’s important to do some research around this area.

Find out the busier times of day so you can avoid them. If you wish to avoid public transport altogether, research alternative routes. Bear in mind that the roads will likely be busier, especially now that school has started.

Cycling has become increasingly popular post-lockdown, and there are now different schemes that will make getting back on your bike easier and cheaper. These include:

It’s also worth checking with your employer to see if they’re involved with any other schemes that you haven’t heard of. 



Communicating with your employer is the most important step when transitioning back to work.

Find out what they’re putting in place to protect you and your colleagues in the workplace and ask if there’s anything that you need to do to support this.

Let them know about your personal situation. It’s important to re-iterate any health issues, even if they have been previously mentioned. Your employer will want to know that they’re keeping everyone safe as best as they can.

Take the opportunity to raise any queries or concerns that you may have. Flexibility is important. Hopefully, it will be possible to come to a solution that will suit both you and your employer.

If you want to avoid rush hour, you may want to see if it’s possible to edit your working hours. Remember, compromises may have to be made. Even if it’s only short-term, avoiding rush hour may help you feel safer.



There are a few different ways to prepare for your first day back at the office:

  1. Acclimatise

Make sure that your first trip out of the house isn’t back to the office. Visit your friends and family, grab a bite to eat or see a movie. Take the chance to acclimatise to the new normal before returning to the 9-5.

Get used to wearing that mask and washing your hands, again.


  1. Structure

It’s also important to re-instate some structure in your life before returning to the grind. We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life, but if you’ve been furloughed then finding routine again may be tricky. Introduce small routines into your personal life to avoid becoming overwhelmed on your return.


  1. Practice

If you’re feeling nervous about the commute, a trip to your workplace before you start could calm any anxieties.

The journey doesn’t have to be during your normal hours. Take the trip at your own pace. Use it as an opportunity to do some shopping or run some errands. Bring a friend and have some fun catching up.

This is a chance to re-learn the buses and trains, or your favourite places to visit on your lunch break. Remind yourself why you love to work where you do.



The transition back into the workplace can be stressful. Don’t forget what you’ve learned in your time at home!

We’ve all found new hobbies over the past few months. Everyone’s been busy writing, jogging and cooking. Or burning. Depending on how good you’ve gotten…

Use these activities to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Bake that bread, read that book, build that model.  

Self-care is more important than ever before. Your mental health affects your physical health, so time to unwind should definitely be scheduled into your diary.



For many of us, it feels like we’re going back to school after the summer holidays! Seeing colleagues that you haven’t seen in a long time and setting that alarm again… We know. It’s tough.

Try to relax and enjoy this time. You’ll be back in the old routine before no time.

Good luck!





3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in recruiting marketing experts for the digital age.

Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking for your next career move, we can help.

Learn more at www.3search.co.uk

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