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Chloe Stout 05.03.2021 Careers Advice, CV & Resume Writing, Job Search

Perfecting your Portfolio | Q&A

Perfecting your Portfolio

Portfolios and CVs are completely different documents, so creatives this blog is for you! Keep reading for top tips and answers to key questions on how to craft your perfect portfolio from our Creative Team...


What should I include?

As a creative, you have a lot to showcase! So, what do you include in your portfolio to put your best foot forward?

Below are questions you should ask yourself when deciding on what to include in your portfolio:

  1. Is it relevant?
Like a CV, you should only include relevant information. Our Creative Manager, Lucy Dudley, says it’s best to “Check the job description and include work the client is asking to see.”


  1. Is it strong? Does it showcase what I can do?

 Remember that you have a limited amount of space! Design Consultant, Tash Harrison, advises you to “only select your strongest pieces that show a wide breadth of skill.”


  1. What about my personality?

You have to sell yourself! Something that your portfolio should easily be able to do. Tash says that “a portfolio is a representation of you. This is a chance to show people what makes you and your work unique.”


How long shout it be?

“A clean, clear and concise portfolio will always stand out first,” says Tash.

You want to apply the quality over quantity rule when it comes to a portfolio. Lucy recommends including no more than 6-8 projects, warning that “the receiver will often be time-poor, so the portfolio needs to be snappy.”

Remember, you can always give more detail at a later date!


What should it look like?

While a creative portfolio is tempting, you should let your work speak for itself. Make each unique project clear and include a short description of each process. This should consist of “the brief and YOUR involvement in creating the project,” says Lucy.

“Describe your intentionality,” advises Tash, as this gives the hiring manager an insight into how you think. It shows that you think each action through with purpose and that “you’re not just here to make things look pretty.”


What platform should I use?

If your portfolio is online, make sure you use the platform that will showcase your work best.

Tash says, “You should always have your own website, rather than using an outsourced creative platform.” Something particularly important if you’re a Digital Designer, as this is an easy way to show off your skills. Plus, you can make each aspect of the platform unique to you.

When creating your website, Lucy suggests treating it as you would a brief. This way you remember to ensure it has excellent an User Experience.


How do I get it seen?

Arguably the most important question here, right? Now you have your perfect portfolio how do you get it seen?


Send it to Lucy and Tash at lucydudley@3search.co.uk and tash@3search.co.uk. They can give you further advice on your portfolio and help you find your next permanent or contract role.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in recruiting marketing experts for the digital age.

Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking for your next career move, we can help.

Learn more at www.3search.co.uk

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