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Chloe Stout 04.06.2021 Employers, Marketing Tips, Social Media

Using Social Media To Attract & Hire Talent

Lots of companies are busy hiring right now, meaning that the war for talent is strong. As a result, the traditional methods of attracting talent aren’t always effective. In times like this, you need to stand out from the crowd.

“But how do we do that?” I hear you cry. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best ways to attract talent to your company in the digital world…

Post To ALL Socials

We all know that your employer brand is key to attracting talent, but it’s time more companies take this online. Some businesses make the mistake of separating their recruitment marketing from their consumer marketing, keeping any employee and career info on LinkedIn or a specific careers website.

Employee news doesn’t only belong on LinkedIn! Share the love to your more consumer-focused Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts too. This works in two ways…

  1. Hiring someone who is already passionate about your product/service/brand is a dream for every employer and the platforms mentioned above are great ways to find these candidates.
  2. Thanks to the pandemic and rise of conscious shoppers, consumers want to know that the businesses they invest in have their employees at the heart of the company.
Plus, I don’t know about you, but I love to have a nose around offices and seeing what cool stuff they do, especially from some of my favourite brands like Pixar!


Share Info About The Role

Writing a job advert is hard. There’s a lot of information to include in such a short text, because, as with any other piece of writing, you have to capture candidates’ attention quickly.

Why not lose the words entirely and record a Day In The Life for the role you’re hiring? We love this Day In The Life from Brewdog’s Head of Social Media…

Other fun video ideas could include meeting the team. This is a great way to jump onto a TikTok trend - a guaranteed way to get you noticed! M&S’ Beckenham store popped up onto my feed recently with this fun throwback…

Inclusivity Is Important

People don’t need to be affected by the changes you make to care about them.

It’s important to note that sharing the changes your company is making to be more inclusive isn’t a negative thing. Some believe that shouting about these changes can be considered bragging or this will only highlight the gaps in inclusivity.

The world is constantly changing and every company has objectives they’re working towards to improve D&I.

Advertising how you’re making the workplace more inclusive (like Innocent have below) shows that you’re open to change, care about your employees and ultimately tells candidates that they will be valued at your business.

Just read the comments on this post to see the impact that such a small change has…


Want to find out how 3Search can help you hire new talent? Get in touch with us at sayhello@3search.co.uk


3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in marketing, strategy & transformation, and tech positions. Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking for your next career move, we can help. Learn more at www.3search.co.uk

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