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Lottie Crowley 12.10.2021 In the News

Takeaways From the Current Job Market

 The pandemic certainly changed marketing for the better and accelerated many businesses into a digital transformation. 

But what does this mean for roles within a marketing team? What’s shifted and what has stayed the same and how can candidates be using this information to enable them to land their dream job?

A recent study carried out by Ofcom said that during the height of lockdown, UK adults spent a daily average of four hours online – up from just under three and a half hours in September last year. With more consumers online than ever before it has become increasingly important for brands to adapt and change their strategies to cater to these changes in shopping habits and this applies none more so than to the hospitality sector.

Over the last year, the joy of eating out was taken away from us and for many restaurants, this signalled a huge change in business model and strategy to quickly set themselves up to be able to offer delivery service/e-commerce options or face going under. 

Having worked as a marketer in the hospitality sector pre and post-pandemic, there were a few standout factors about the way we worked and the talent we needed to hire:

The launch of home delivery nationwide accelerated for many businesses and there was a new focus on off-premise sales, to which this is now integrated within many hospitality strategies. The split where I worked changed from 80/20 sales in delivery to 50/50. This meant the need for eCommerce talent became apparent within the team and these roles and skillsets were either brought it or team members were trained up very quickly. 

Omnichannel became a key sales driver, this was due to consumers making purchasing decisions through social media meaning marketing strategies needed to be hotter causing an increasing demand in these types of job roles also.  

Alongside purchasing, behaviour consumers' expectations have also changed. Whereas before many high street restaurants were focused on heavily discounted promotions now many are tuned towards value-based content that will benefit the consumer and not just be seen as another ploy to get bums on seats. This was a huge shift in the ever changing world of marketing, meaning for candidates they should be staying up to date with the current trends.

If you want to know more about changes within the marketing functions and what is needed within your team or if you are a candidate who is looking for advice with your next role then please drop me a message at lottie@3search.co.uk.  

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