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31.03.2022 3Search Updates

3Search is supporting the next generation of marketers

We’re dedicated to making an impact on the marketing sector. Connecting exciting businesses with great talent has become our mission, which we believe is something that has real benefit to both the marketing sector and the industries we work within. Not only do we strive to help our candidates and clients reach their commercial and personal potential within marketing, but we recognise our position as a recruitment partner to positively impact on some of today’s key challenges in our industry.

We have discussions on a daily basis about the shortage of digital talent, and what we can do to help improve diversity and inclusion in marketing. And we believe, with a bit of creative thinking, that the latter can greatly support and improve the former.

That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with School of Marketing, who we believe are making wonderful strides in the industry to improve both these issues.

But we don’t want to stop there – as 3Search grows, we believe we have a responsibility to nurture both this generation of marketers and the next.

We have fallen in love with School of Marketing’s approach to developing those who are keen to make their entrance into the field or boost their skills. So much so, that we’ve shaped a partnership to support their work.


What does School of Marketing do?

Working with a variety of different organisations, School of Marketing is dedicated to training and upskilling the next generation of marketers, as well as reskilling those who want to brush up on their digital marketing knowledge.

School of Marketing are a government approved, apprenticeship training provider. Their 15-month digital marketing qualification focuses on the core areas of digital marketing expertise that the industry needs most. This includes:

  • Digital analytics
  • Social and content marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid advertising

As well as placing apprentices into businesses, School of Marketing works with colleges and schools to focus on a creating a future talent pipeline. Their aim is to introduce young people to the field, including the huge variety of roles, specialisms and skills that have their place within it.

One of the main factors that led to the School of Marketing’s creation was the alarming fact that only 3% of 10,000 students considered a career in marketing in 2018.

We were just as shocked when we heard this figure, so we’re delighted that an organisation has committed itself to improving this number.


How Does Their Work Benefit The Marketing Industry (and beyond)?

Through the means that School of Marketing provides, businesses can gain access to an affordable, credible upskilling solution.

This is especially true in the Marketing Apprenticeship programmes, which can offer a more diverse candidate pool – something that is key to make use of when encouraging more entrants into the marketing industry.

These apprentice candidates will also enjoy a future-proof marketing career, achieved through a holistic upskilling for their core marketing abilities. Plus, they will earn a nationally recognised digital marketing qualification.

In addition, there are 63 online modules on offer. All delivered by global marketing leaders, providing experience-backed and practical advice.


We can’t wait to further involve ourselves in a community of skilled marketing professionals and bring our own expertise into the mix.

From events to mentoring and networking, we’re really excited about our relationship with School of Marketing. We believe it’s an excellent opportunity to connect even further with our clients and candidates, tightening the relationship between both in a talent-driven market.

Aching to upskill your marketing function? The apprentice programme could definitely be suitable for your business. Please reach us via email on som@3search.co.uk to find out more.

Or, if you’re Interested in the digital marketing apprenticeship qualification for yourself, you can visit School of Marketing’s website.



3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in recruiting marketing experts for the digital age.


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