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28.06.2022 3Search Updates

3Search’s Work With Beam – May Update

3Search’s Work With Beam – May Update

We’ve been working with crowding platform Beam to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work.

Through donations we’ve made every time we place a candidate in a new role, we’ve been able to make a real difference during our partnership with Beam.

Here’s a look back on the amazing things we’ve accomplished with Beam across the last month.


Our impact

“I love your involvement with Beam, so thank you for making that donation to a really worthy cause.”

To kick things off, we wanted to share some lovely feedback from a client who received a gift card from us. It’s so great hearing about how our donations have helped others, and seeing clients react to this really brightens our day as well!

It’s one of the great things about the donation system we have in place, allowing recipients of a gift cards to pick the campaign(s) it goes towards.

And May has created plenty of opportunities for this – something that’s reflected in our highest ever monthly figure for Beam donations. Coming in at £2,500, we’re incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished, and equally thankful to our clients for activating their gift cards to help make this possible.

In turn, Annabel, Hardip and Lulian have shined through as three examples of how these donations have reached members of our community that really need them.

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to help homeless people and give back to our community. To see just how much of an impact these donations have, here are some of the stories from people that 3Search has supported in May.

Hardip’s Story

After a big falling out with his family, Hardip was left to fend for himself. Securing a job in Spain was not the solution he’d hoped for when the COVID pandemic hit, leading him to an intensely locked-down Brazil and then back to the UK.

He was left with virtually no money, living between hostels and sleeping rough – before finally asking for help.

With Beam on the receiving end, Hardip has been part of an amazing fundraising campaign that has helped him secure a new role!

Annabel’s Story

The pandemic affected everyone in some way – and for Annabel, it meant she had to move out of her small family home.

Bringing with her a passion for cooking and years of experience, the hospitality sector was where she set her aspirations in the pursuit to make a living. This also includes long term goals of attending uni and moving away from London.

Thanks to Beam, 3Search and some generous donors, Annabel managed to secure a new role in hospitality and another step toward her goals.


Lulian’s Story

Lulian spent an extended amount of time living homeless in the UK, forcing him to adapt to the harsh and often dangerous conditions – all the while hoping to lay the foundations for a peaceful life.

After managing to settle into some temporary housing, he was finally able to consider options for work and leaving the streets behind for good. This led him to securing work as a cleaner on a building site.

And with help from Beam and his generous donors, Lulian was able to achieve his goal of buying some tools and taking a leap into the world of construction work himself!


A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.



3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in recruiting marketing experts for the digital age.

Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking for your next career move, we can help.

Learn more at www.3search.co.uk





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