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20.07.2022 3Search Updates

3Search’s Work With Beam – June Update

3Search’s Work With Beam – June Update

We’ve been working with crowding platform Beam to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work.

Through donations we’ve made every time we place a candidate in a new role, we’ve been able to make a real difference during our partnership with Beam.

Here’s a look back on the amazing things we’ve accomplished with Beam across the last month.


Our impact

We’re really pleased to announce that, through our work this month, we’ve managed to donate £2,150 to Beam! This is an incredible number and we want to thank our clients for continuing to activate their gift cards.

Esubalew, Vanessa, and Jovaughn are just three people who have benefitted massively from this effort, and you can read their stories below.


Esubalew’s Story

Esubalew arrived in the UK from Eritrea as a refugee, spending 6 of his years in there as an aid worker.

Living in the UK from March 2020 onwards, life has been difficult sleeping rough amidst the coronavirus pandemic – and most significantly, while being split apart from a family for which he has no known location.

With help from Beam, he was able to find work as a security guard with the objective to get back on his feet and locate his lost family.


Vanessa’s Story

Becoming pregnant while sofa surfing meant that the race was on for Vanessa to find reliable accommodation to raise her child in.

While managing to live with some family, she knew she needed her own accommodation – leading her to set the goal of renting a private flat.

Maternity pay and reduced income left her property hunt in dire straits – but support from 3Search and Beam has now allowed her to move into her new home!


Jovaughn’s Story

Much of Jovaughn’s employment history has a base in construction. However, a family dispute left him homeless and open to new paths in his career.

Simply put, his goal was to find a stable job, from which he can shape the foundations for a comfortable life.

And Beam and 3Search helped make this possible, with Jovaughn ultimately landing a role as a warehouse operative!


A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.



3Search is an award-winning UK recruitment consultancy, specialising in recruiting marketing experts for the digital age.

Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking for your next career move, we can help.

Learn more at www.3search.co.uk


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