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As a Content Manager, we understand your pivotal role in ensuring an organisation's content is engaging, consistent and articulate to promote a company's products and services. Otherwise known as a Content Creation Manager, you are responsible for planning and producing content for a brand. This content will be of varying formats and will be distributed across various channels. Overall, your goal is to help craft copy aligned with achieving a business's long-term goals and objectives.

You are a highly-organised and creative person, capable of working across multiple projects and campaigns at once. Your ability to communicate a message through different mediums and train and support a team of Copywriters and Content Producers makes you a much sought-after individual. In addition, you take an analytical and strategic approach to your work, ensuring each piece of content has a purpose and provides value to the specific audience you are targeting.

We recognise that a great deal of your role as a content manager involves creating, editing and publishing a broad range of content. Your skill set is extremely versatile from producing web copy, email, social media, video, podcasts, and more. Often you will work with SEO Content Managers, ensuring your content is optimised for search. You will schedule content and use various tools to enhance and analyse the content you're producing. In addition, you will research the latest market trends, analyse competitors and provide insights to key stakeholders to best position a brand.

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Content Manager salary expectations: £40,000 - £70,000

With your exposure to various forms of content, you have a robust set of credentials that could see you transfer into other exciting, senior roles within content. You have the ability to plan and implement content strategies but also have the skills to nurture teams and get the best out of individuals - something that can take you a long way in the field of content. Explore your progression and broader career opportunities below.

 Progression and wider career opportunities;

Due to extensive experience in managing the content output of various brands, your skill set could see you move into a position as Head of Content quite seamlessly. Here you will head up a team of content creators, delivering various forms of content for multiple campaigns. This exciting prospect will allow you to explore different content avenues across various channels. Ultimately, through the power of great content, you will be able to build a team and transform organisations.

Salary Expectations: £70,000 - £100,000

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