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As a Copywriter, we recognise how essential your skill set is for organisations aiming to articulate their vision and brand voice. Responsible for planning and producing written content in various formats for various channels, your copy inspires and motivates readers to invest in a product and service. In addition, your role as a Copywriter conveys valuable information into insightful and thought-provoking content, raising awareness and driving conversions for businesses.  

You are a creative individual with a keen eye for detail. From blogs, webpages, whitepapers, email, social media content and more, your versatility allows you to produce engaging content across a broad spectrum of channels - be it online or print. As a creative Copywriter, you can tailor your copy to a brand's tone of voice, ensuring your content is relevant to the target audience. Additionally, you will have a good understanding of SEO and can use tools like Google Analytics to track the progress of your content. 

At 3search, we understand that your role is more than just writing content. You liaise with clients and experts within the industries your produce copy for through email, calls or face-to-face interactions. Here you gain an insight to support your content whilst ensuring the copy you're producing is aligned with the goals and objectives of the brand. In addition, you will work with the wider team, creating clear briefs and content strategies and ensuring multimedia and visual elements are utilised to compliment your work.  

Copywriter salary expectations: £40,000 - £60,000

Due to your experience in producing a range of content, your skill set can see you progress into Senior Copywriter positions. Your creativity and ability to simplify complex topics and concepts into digestible copy give you the potential to transition into roles where you will have more responsibility and a voice in deciding the direction a brand should take to maximise growth.

Progression and wider career opportunities:

If you have established 3-5 years of experience and built an impressive portfolio of work, a role as a Senior Copywriter could be your next career move. Here you will continue to produce original and engaging content for various channels. In addition, you will support the wider content team and Junior Copywriters, editing and advising on copy whilst also leading creative campaigns and strategies. You will ensure all content is consistent and aligned with the required goals of the brand.

Salary Expectations: £60,000+

As a Lead Copywriter, you will head up a team of copywriters, ensuring the content output is aligned with a company's brand guidelines and tone. Additionally, you will work with other senior content and marketing team members, editing and sub-heading the copy being produced. You will also lend your knowledge to support and train Junior Copywriters and new additions to the copy team. Overall, you will utilise various tools to track the progress of a brand’s content to ensure it is performing as expected.  

Salary Expectations: £60,000+

As the Head of Content, you will plan, produce and manage the copy of various formats across various channels. You will collaborate with the content team you oversee to ensure the content being produced reaches the required market segments, tracking the progress of each campaign you help manage. In this role, you will support and train Junior Copywriters, providing your knowledge of best practices for creating content. Ultimately, your efforts will help a brand find its voice and reach its desired goals.

Salary Expectations: £70,000 - £100,000

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