Marketing recruitment for technology businesses based in the UK and Europe across a variety of industries, including HR, FinTech, and SaaS.

Our expert recruiters are actively supporting a range of technology businesses in attracting the best talent in technology marketing and product management. From start-ups who have reached a new funding goal and are ready to invest in marketing, to FTSE 250 corporations.

Our team works with tech businesses of all shapes and sizes to find top marketing, digital and product talent who will go on to build their brands.

Finding technology’s first marketers

It's a real privilege to partner with businesses looking to build their first marketing teams. Technology is shaping the future, and it's amazing to be able to play a part in that.

We understand how important those first hires are when it comes to developing your brand and the impact they will have on your business's development. That is why our recruiters are fully immersed in the tech industry. With a network of tech marketers from a range of backgrounds, we can find the marketing talent to best support your growth.

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Hiring expert tech marketers

We’re working closely with emerging start-ups and high-growth companies in the technology industry who are actively looking for the right digital and marketing and product talent to grow and develop their brands. Our specialist recruitment consultants are searching for:

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Tech businesses are looking to hire commercially-minded marketers and digital professionals who are ready to come in and supercharge brand growth. We’re often searching for the first marketing hire for technology start-ups where marketers need to be flexible and adaptable.

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