Real Estate and Construction

We have built a specialist property team recruiting marketing, digital and communications talent for UK-based real estate and construction businesses.

From global property firms to luxury estates to co-working office spaces. Our team supports a variety of leading real estate and construction businesses, finding the right talent, experience and knowledge for each requirement.

The digital transformation of Real Estate & Construction

The real estate and construction industry has been undergoing a digital transformation. Historically, the industry has kept very traditional marketing methods. But, as the world becomes increasingly digital, the industry have updated their marketing methods to keep in touch with their customers.

Battersea Power Station has built out their marketing department to support the launch of their new development. Their marketing team will make the landmark a "thriving destination for London." While Covent Garden continue to collaborate with food and lifestyle influencers to promote their retail and dining destinations.

We have been supporting businesses in the growth and development of digital marketing departments.

Residential Real Estate and Construction

The housing bubble still hasn’t popped. In fact, it still hasn’t even slowed down. The industry continues to be move at pace and businesses continue to record record-breaking months. 

This means that marketing teams in residential property businesses are still expanding. We continue to assist these businesses in searching for...

Retail Real Estate and Construction

In the retail real estate and construction space, businesses are thinking about how they can create experiences for their shoppers.

There is an increased need for creative and strategic marketers who are able to react to trends in the retail space. Businesses are searching for new hires who can help target and encourage shoppers into their stores, such as...

Making the move to a Real Estate & Construction business

Although industry experience is often prioritised over technical skills, more and more real estate and construction businesses are becoming open to hiring outside of the industry. 

If you’re looking to make the move into property marketing, it’s important to show an interest in the field. Think about what interests you about the industry and be sure to show that passion off throughout the recruitment process.

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