We have been working in the FMCG space for over a decade, partnering with a variety of industry-leading and high-growth brands to build their marketing teams. From making those all-important first hires, to growing marketing departments for multinational brands.

A wealth of opportunity in FMCG

Large FMCG brands continue to look for marketers who are able to showcase their products in the best way and boost product sales.

The FMCG industry presents a wealth of opportunity for creative marketers. Everyone remembers Weetabix's infamous 'beans on Weetabix' Twitter debate. While Dove exposed the realities of social media through their 'Reverse Selfie' campaign. From comedy to newsworthy, there's room for every kind of marketing in the FMCG world.

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The rise of smaller Direct-to-Consumer FMCG brands

The FMCG space continues to grow, and we’re seeing a lot of smaller, niche and up and coming brands that are selling directly to consumers. Especially in the beauty space.

We’re working closely with these brands to hire...

Joining an FMCG brand

These smaller FMCG companies are often looking for entrepreneurial, nimble and creative candidates who can be flexible to working on a smaller budget.

Across the industry, marketers have to be reactive and creative. Businesses are always looking for marketers who are always up to date with the latest trends and social events. If their brand is ever showcased, they need to be reacting to it.

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