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Our 2024 salary survey is our most comprehensive yet. With data from over 1,200 digital and marketing professionals, our recruiters' industry knowledge as well as comments from business leaders. Together, we reveal the latest pay, attraction and retention insights. 

The responses have been encouraging, with a largely positive outlook for the year. 

Pink icon showing the outline of three people, one in the middle and two either side64% of surveyed hiring managers are planning to grow their teams.

With an increased level of confidence from senior decision makers, we expect strong competition for top talent. To stay ahead, it will be incredibly important to benchmark your existing salary brackets. 

Pink icon of two pound notes to represent salary16% of surveyed employees ranked salary as their top priority.

From ten options, pay was the most important factor for candidates searching for a new role. With 39% of employees feeling underpaid in their current role, our salary guides can also support employees with their retention plans.

Pink brief case icon 67% of surveyed employees intend to look for a new job this year. 

Many employees have expressed dissatisfaction in their current role for a number of reasons. From their current compensation package to diversity, equity and inclusion policies. 

To develop effective recruitment and retention strategies for 2024, download the report today.

Key takeaways

Hiring in 2024?

With salary varying by industry, location and level, our report includes salary guides for digital, communications and marketing job titles across every industry.

Use this data to to create attractive compensation packages and benchmark what you're paying existing employees.

Benchmark salary ranges

Searching for a new role?

Start your job search right. Use our UK salary survey to understand your worth and ensure that you're never underpaid in your current role or your next one.

Based on data from over 1,200 employees and our expert industry knowledge, our report can support your search.

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Pay overview

Our data reveals that 45% of employees left their job for better pay in 2023.  Plus, 16% of those looking for a new role will prioritise pay above all other factors.

Ensuring your salary ranges are competitive will allow you to find the right people to join your business.

Close up image of a printed copy of 3Search's 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report, sitting on top of a second open copy.

Hiring trends in 2024

Digital and marketing leaders share their thoughts on recruitment in 2024 in our report. Each highlight the importance of building a team with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.

Hear from Mai Fenton, Chief Marketing Officer and Non-Executive Director, on how to build a successful marketing team.

Digital and marketing salary guides

Female recruitment consultant wearing headset. She is on the phone, using her hands to communicate - one finger is pointed and the other hand is outstretched as she counts. There is a pink overlay over the image,

Digital marketing salaries

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Three recruitment consultants talking together, two men on the left and one woman on the right. There is a pink overlay on top.

Communications & PR salaries

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Female recruitment consultant smiling at laptop. There is a pink overlay on the top.

Performance marketing salaries

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Recruitment consultant smiling to the right. There is a pink overlay on top

Data & Analytics salaries

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Male recruitment consultant smiling at the camera. He is wearing a checkered shirt. There is a pink overlay on top.

CRM salaries

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Female recruitment consultant smiling at the camera. She has brown bobbed hair and wearing glasses. There is a pink overlay on top.

Content & Social Media salaries

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Male recruitment consultant smiling at his laptop as he types. There is a pink overlay on top.

Bid management salaries

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On the left of the image there is the back of a male recruiter's head as he works on a laptop. To his immediate right there is a female recruitment consultant smiling.

Product salaries

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Back of a female recruiter's head to the left and in the centre of the image there is a male recuriter smiling at her.

Ecommerce salaries

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Female recruitment consultant to the left and male recruitment consultant to the right. They're speaking to someone off camera. There is a pink overlay on top.

Design salaries

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Our 2024 Annual Pay and Hiring Report is the best salary guide for communications, digital and marketing roles. 

Opening with an overview of the 2023 recruitment market, employers can use the report to review how they hired last year. From there, we highlight recruitment intentions and trends anticipated for 2024 based on real data. This will allow businesses to understand where they stand against competitors in the same industry. Throughout the report, you'll find expert advice from business leaders and our expert communications, digital and marketing recruiters.

The second half of the report consists of salary guides. Here you'll find the average pay ranges for all the job titles you might need in your teams. We have included segments for each industry and both permanent salaries as well as day rates. No matter if you're hiring a full-time member of staff or a contractor, this guide can support you.

Our data reveals that offering a "good" salary is key to recruitment in 2024. However, understanding marketing salaries can be tricky. Salary ranges vary not only by job title, but also by industry and company size. 

For accurate salaries for Marketing Executives through to Chief Marketing Officers, we recommend downloading the salary guides. If you require more in-depth and personalised support, get in touch with our recruitment consultants.

Employees in marketing roles were the highest paid respondents to our 2024 salary survey. 28% of marketers earned between £110,000 and £150,000+. Ecommerce and product salaries closely followed marketing, as businesses continue to upskill their digital teams.

According to our 2024 salary survey results, the top-paying sectors are the financial services, technology and professional services industries. However, businesses in these spaces didn't necessarily pay out the highest bonuses. Download the full report to find out more.

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