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Our marketing recruitment services come highly reccomended in the Financial Services industry, partnering with high-growth start-ups and long-established financial companies.

Our specialist recruitment consultants are actively placing top talent into a wide range of financial services businesses, from high-growth FinTech start-ups to large multinational banks. As the industry continues to grow, we're supporting their digital and marketing talent searches.

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Finances, budgeting and savings are, once again, front and center in consumers' minds. As a result, many are turning to the financial services industry for support with managing their personal incomes.

The industry is focusing on delivering useful, accurate and up to date content for their customers. Consumers need to know that they are making the right investments with their money. So, financial services companies must be able to show that they are keeping up to date with economic changes. Reactive Content Marketers and Copywriters are crucial for explaining how their products are beneficial.

Our specialist recruitment consultants are partnering with finance firms searching for marketers with a strong understanding of the financial services industry. They are seeking marketers fluent in the right terminology and who are then able to break that down for customers in ways that are easily understandable.


Supporting financial services companies as they expand into new markets

As the economy evolves, financial services businesses are taking different strategic directions in order to expand into different markets and appeal to new audiences.

With nearly 90,000 financial and professional services firms located in the city alone, competition is strong in the UK. Consequently, many are looking to move their business outside of London, expanding into new regions, including Greater Manchester

We're also seeing traditional businesses getting more creative with their marketing in order to attract new clients. The distribution of money is changing, and so financial services businesses need to appeal to a wider, more diverse audience.

As a result, we’re working closely with businesses to hire:

Searching for marketing jobs in finance?

Financial services businesses are looking for digital and marketing specialists. Whether that’s by industry or by channel, companies are looking for marketers with a depth of knowledge who can come in and support the business' marketing growth immediately.

Plus, as businesses expand into these new channels, they’re looking for creative and strategic candidates who can support them. For example, businesses who are expanding into new territories are looking for marketers with experience of working across regions. 

If you're looking for digital and marketing jobs in London or Manchester, get in touch with the team.

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