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3Search was born to deliver a better customer experience in marketing recruitment. Now, we're one of the biggest and best recruitment agencies in the UK, with a team of consultants delivering a five-star service for both employers and candidates. We're a recruitment partner that you can trust.

Expert marketing recruitment consultants

We put people at the heart of everything we do, focusing on creating long-term partnerships with companies and marketers.

To ensure you have the very best support for your talent search, our recruiters specialise by skill set, industry and seniority. This allows them to develop their individual expertise and build extensive networks to deliver efficient and effective recruitment processes.

No matter if you're searching for a CMO, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager or Marketing Executive, our recruiters can help you identify top talent within your industry.

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How to run an effective recruitment process?

We understand that it can be difficult to know how best to run the hiring process. You might be wondering...

  • Should interviews be held in-person at your office or virtually? 
  • How do you best promote your company culture? 
  • How do you manage counter-offers and requests from the candidate?

Our recruiters will manage the full process for you, using their knowledge of the recruitment and marketing industry to advise on all of these questions and more. 

They will also facilitate communication between the hiring manager and candidates, so that your Marketing Director can focus on what they do best - marketing.

How we deliver the best recruitment experience

At 3Search, we put people at the heart of everything that we do. By prioritising customer service, we ensure that our hiring processes are five-star quality. Working by our values to be kind, have ambition, show respect and love what you do, our recruiters exemplify what it means to be the best marketing recruitment agency.

Each of our recruiters specialise in one particular industry, building expertise and networks of marketers who are looking for a new challenge. No matter if you're a tech start-up searching for your first marketer or a global retail business needing to add to your digital marketing team - there's an expert recruiter for you.

When working with us, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. They will work closely with you to ensure you have the right recruitment specialists in place to source you the best talent.

Our recruiters prioritise meeting employers face-to-face in their own environments. This allows us to truly understand what working with them looks like, so we can effectively represent our clients and sell the role to candidates.

As part of our dedication to customer service, we’re motivated to build a responsible business that makes a meaningful social and environmental impact. Our aim is to create a force for good in all areas of the industry we love and society as a whole.

To achieve this, we have built partnerships with organisations that we believe in, helping us to give back and invest in the worlds of marketing and recruitment. 

Beam is a charity that supports homeless people find their feet in society. For every marketer we place in a company, we donate a gift card to the employer to give back to Beam. This means that whenever you use our marketing recruitment services, you will be supporting homeless individuals take control of their futures.   

In 2023, we were certified B Corp™, confirming our hard work to be a force for good within the marketing industry. 

At 3Search, we're keen to build a long-term partnership with you, supporting you with all recruitment needs you might have by continuing to expand our areas of expertise

Did you know that we also have specialist recruiters in the following industries:

  • Ecommerce 
  • Product 
  • Bid management
  • Communications
  • CRM
  • Data analytics
  • Social media and content
  • Performance

Plus, we'll keep you up to date with the latest in the marketing recruitment industry. It is our job to know our market inside-out and we do. By constantly feeding back to you and providing market insight we believe we can help you build better teams.

Understanding marketing salaries and more

Working with one of our marketing recruitment consultants will grant you access to their expert knowledge of the industry. In many cases, this could be the key to making a successful hire. 

Marketing salaries have fluctuated significantly over the past few years. With a 20% increase between 2021 and 2022, we understand how difficult it is to stay up to date with the average pay ranges. As a result, our recruiters have played an instrumental role in ensuring companies make the very best offer to their desired candidates. 

To ensure you stay up to date with the latest changes in marketing recruitment, we release detailed market insights to ensure you're best equipped to hire.

Currently, the average marketing salaries in London are:

  • Marketing Executive: £25,000 - £35,000
  • Marketing Manager: £30,000 - £45,000
  • Head of Marketing: £75,000 - £125,000
  • Marketing Director: £100,000 - £150,000
  • Chief Marketing Officer: £130,000 - £220,000
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There are a wide number of benefits of working with a specialist marketing recruitment agency, many depending on business size, model and hiring requirements. The top 7 benefits of working with a recruitment agency are:

  1. Reach high quality candidates
  2. Save time and resource
  3. Management of the entire recruitment process
  4. Access the latest recruitment knowledge
  5. Sell your employer brand
  6. Make an informed hire
  7. Make the best offer to desired candidates

If you're searching for the best marketing recruitment agency, partner with 3Search where customer experience is prioritised above all else.

3Search is one the best marketing recruitment agencies based in London, with opportunities spanning across the UK and North America.

In recent years, we have been increasingly active in the North West, as it becomes home to the most innovative scale-ups and established businesses in the UK. We have a dedicated team of Manchester marketing recruitment consultants led by Manager, Andy Larkin.

Every talent search starts with a job description. Writing the job description is the first and most important step in a successful recruitment process and is crucial in attracting the very best talent for the job. For best practice, read our full guide to writing a job description, including:

  • Our simple funnel structure
  • An editable job description template, with examples, that you can edit with the relevant information  
  • The opportunity to contact our expert recruitment consultants for personalised support

Have your job description ready to go? Upload your vacancy to start working with our marketing recruiters.

The support that CMOs can offer your business is incomparable. Chief Marketing Officerhave an expansive wealth of marketing knowledge and experience that is truly invaluable to your company. However, a full-time senior marketing leader is not always accessible for every organisation.

Fractional and Interim CMOs can deliver the same amount of support over a shorter period of time. They can be a great option for companies that cannot currently afford to make a permanent hire, but still need the support of a Chief Marketing Officer.

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