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Digital Marketing Director

Driving organisational growth in Digital Marketing

As a Digital Marketing Director, we recognise the crucial role you play in achieving a brand's overarching goals and objectives. Responsible for crafting, developing, implementing and overseeing various digital marketing campaigns and strategies, you drive revenue and growth for global brands- helping them reach their untapped potential. 

You are an out-of-the-box thinker who researches and analyses industry and market trends to shape effective campaigns and strategies. In addition, you will scope out the competition and provide insights into digital marketing best practices in terms of content formats and which channels to target. You forecast sales performance trends and have the know-how to utilise SEO and analytics tools to ensure your projects are on track to deliver expected outcomes.

We know much about your role as a Digital Marketing Director involves managing, nurturing and training a team of digital marketers. You will support and oversee an organisation's digital marketing channels, ensuring consistency in elements such as brand voice and content output. You pay close attention to ROI and KPIs, ensuring the campaigns and strategies you lead are within budget, delivered on time, and aligned with the brand's mission.  

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Digital Marketing Director salary expectations: £120,000 - £180,000

Because of your experience at a directorial level, your credentials can see you transition into other roles of a similar degree. With an ability to manage projects, lead teams and cultivate growth through effective campaigns and strategies, the opportunities within the broad marketing spectrum are endless. Explore the progression and wider career opportunities as a Marketing Director below. 

Progression and wider career opportunities:

With 5-10 years of directorial-level experience, you can move into other Marketing Director roles - a sought-after position for brands worldwide. As a Marketing Director, you are a critical thinker who strives to achieve desired results for organisations through thoughtful and effective campaigns and strategies. Nurturing teams to success, you will lead the marketing output of brands with a constant focus on driving revenue and growth. 

Salary Expectations: £100,000 - £150,000

With 10+ years of directorial experience, your career could see you progress into a C-suite role such as CMO. As a Chief Marketing Officer, your role will require you to display leadership, technical, and business skills. If you decide to take on this position, you will act as the brand's voice, utilising your expertise to work across various departments. Ultimately, you will bridge any gaps and strengthen outreach activities. 

Salary Expectation: £130,000 - £220,000

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