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Head of Digital

Spearheading successful digital marketing strategies

As Head of Digital Marketing, we understand how pivotal your contributions are to a business. Responsible for creating and implementing digital campaigns, strategies and marketing plans for brands aligned with the goals and objectives of the organisation. You take time to research and analyse industry and market trends whilst tracking the performance of the projects you head up - keeping KPIs and sales forecasts at the front of your mind. Ultimately, everything you do as Head of Digital Marketing revolves around increasing brand awareness and driving revenue. 

You are a versatile individual with the confidence to interpret complex data into clear and concise insights. These insights can transform brands of all sizes. Your experience as Head of Digital Marketing allows you to source innovative opportunities to expand a brand's reach across various channels, including social media, PPC and email. You will lead teams to success and ensure key stakeholders are kept satisfied with the brand's progression.

At 3Search, we recognise you have excellent project management and communication skills. These credentials allow you to liaise with senior management, sales teams, and the digital marketing teams you work closely with. You will work with third-party agencies and software providers to support the assignments you contribute, ensuring they are of the highest level. Additionally, you will look at ways to upgrade a brand's digital capabilities and online reach, implementing best practices for your channels and content formats. 

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Head of Digital salary expectations: £80,000 - £120,000

The average salary for current Head of Digital jobs across the UK by industry:

 £90,000 - £130,000

£75,000 - £125,000

£80,000 - £120,000

£75,000 - £100,000

£75,000 - £100,000

Progression and wider career opportunities

Due to your experience in managing and being accountable for a broad range of responsibilities, you have amassed solid transferable skills. For example, project management skills and the ability to lead people. In addition, this experience in overseeing digital marketing campaigns and strategies allows you to move into director-level positions to drive organisational growth further. 


Your exposure as a Head of a Digital Marketing team will allow you to transition into a directorial position smoothly. Moving into a Digital Marketing Director role will allow you to craft digital marketing campaigns for organisational growth. In addition, you will research industry and market trends to support brands, helping them progress and stay on top of their competitors. Overall, your analysis and insights contributing to structured and strategic campaigns provide long-term success for key stakeholders and global brands. 


Salary Expectations: £120,000 - £180,000

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