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As an SEO Executive, we recognise how essential you are to supporting the online progression of a business. Responsible for enhancing the performance of a brand's website, you will explore ways of optimising digital copy to boost an organisation's search ranking and visibility. You will also seek link-building opportunities and conduct keyword research to optimise online content. Ultimately, your work helps build brand awareness and increases business conversion rates. 

You may lean towards the role of a technical SEO Executive or specialise as an SEO Content Executive; the opportunities within SEO are vast. As an SEO Executive, you have extensive experience within the field. In addition, you are familiar with extracting and reporting on data insight through utilising analytics tools like Google Analytics. You also have exposure to working with code and understanding website design and site structures. 

We understand a great deal of your role as an SEO Executive involves carrying out on-site and off-site reviews and analyses of an organisation's website - whilst keeping an eye on the websites of their competition. You can assist with content creation, from landing pages, blogs and all forms of web copy - providing opportunities to optimise copy through the keyword research you lead. As an SEO Executive, you keep up to date with the latest industry trends, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and continuously explore ways to improve a brand's online performance. 

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SEO Executive salary expectations: £33,000 - £40,000

With your experience working in SEO at an executive level, you can see your career progress in a range of more senior positions. You have a deep understanding of SEO best practices and know how to improve the visibility of an organisation's website. From optimising digital content, analysing data, and conducting keyword research to implementing link-building, you have the tools that can be the foundations to build a strong career in SEO.

Explore your progression and broader career opportunities within SEO:

Due to your SEO exposure, you have the skills to make an excellent SEO Manager. As an SEO Manager, you will be accountable for planning, implementing and delivering SEO campaigns and strategies for organisations. In addition, you will manage a team of SEO executives, supporting them with content, link-building, keyword and other SEO-related outputs. Ultimately, you will dedicate your time to growing the online presence of a brand's website, building brand awareness and increasing revenue opportunities. 

Salary Expectations: £45,000 - £60,000

As a PPC manager, you will oversee a brand's pay-per-click outputs, ensuring the growth and progression of an organisation. Your role as a PPC Manager will either see you work in-house or in an agency. Overall you will be responsible for planning, organising and implementing effective campaigns and strategies. You will utilise a range of digital channels to deliver your campaigns, using various tools to track the progression of your strategy. Ultimately, you will ensure the PPC projects you work on are aligned with the organisation's goals and objectives.

Salary Expectations: £45,000 - £60,000

As a Performance Marketing Manager, you will be a crucial component for planning, organising and implementing effective marketing campaigns and strategies for a brand. Here you will use your marketing expertise to identify the best formats and channels to deliver your strategies before tracking and reporting on the outcomes of your strategy. Additionally, you will liaise with the broader team, from sales to those in directorial positions, to help form future campaigns. Whilst staying on top of industry trends, you make sure to align your work with the goals and objectives of the business. 

Salary Expectations: £45,000 - £65,000

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