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Managing the online visibility of a brand

As an SEO Manager, we understand how vital your role is in establishing and building a brand's online presence. Responsible for developing and implementing an organisation's SEO strategy and outputs, you will support various web content, digital marketing, analytics, keyword and link-building campaigns and strategies. With the world continuously relying on digital, your credentials have never been more sought-after. As a result, you are a key asset to any online business looking to grow.

You are an individual who has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a problem solver and a critical thinker with excellent time management skills. Being a search engine optimisation manager, you have a deep understanding of how to analyse data and track how the digital outputs of a brand are performing. You then develop ideas and strategies to optimise the content to improve the original outputs. Some of your experience in this niche area may include A/B testing and exposure to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


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We recognise much of your role involves identifying problems and opportunities to improve a brand's online performance whilst keeping up to date with the latest SEO and digital marketing trends to support your strategies. You will liaise with the wider marketing team and SEO Executives to present solutions to an organisation - be it in-house or within an agency. Overall you take ownership of the work you deliver and understand how your contributions can significantly impact a company's success.

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SEO Manager salary expectations: £45,000 - £60,000

With your exposure to leading SEO and marketing teams and strategies, your career path could see you transition into other senior positions within the industry. You have the skills and technical mindset to craft effective strategies for organisations whilst knowing how to collaborate and get the best out of the broader team you work with and oversee. Explore the progression and wider career opportunities available to you below.

Progression and wider career opportunities:

Due to your experience managing an SEO team, your credentials perfectly lend themselves to the Head of SEO role. As Head of SEO, you will be accountable for a business's online performance. You will plan and implement effective SEO campaigns and strategies, ensuring content from web page copy, landing pages, paid search copy and more are optimised and producing the intended results. Your role will involve managing an SEO department, ensuring the expected outputs are delivered on time and of the highest standard. 

Salary Expectations: £70,000 - £100,000

As the Head of PPC, you will oversee an organisation's PPC outputs. You will be responsible for getting the best out of a team of PPC executives, supporting them with planning, optimising and launching PPC campaigns for brands. In addition, you will monitor budgets and track the performance of campaigns, ensuring they are aligned with the organisation's goals and delivering the expected outcomes. Finally, you will report on these outcomes and use your findings to steer the direction of future strategies - allowing the business opportunities to grow and see a significant ROI.

Salary Expectations: £60,000 - £90,000

With your experience in managing an SEO team, you have the transferable skills to allow you to move into a Head of Performance role. As the Head of Performance, you will utilise your marketing expertise to develop and implement effective marketing campaigns and strategies for a broad spectrum of brands. Here you will look at various avenues to increase brand awareness and conversions for a business - with the ultimate goal of helping a company achieve their desired goals and objectives. 

Salary Expectations: £80,000 - £120,000

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