6 Top Tips to get the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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Forget Instagram, forget Facebook, it’s all about LinkedIn. Disagree? Let the statistics spe...

Forget Instagram, forget Facebook, it’s all about LinkedIn. Disagree? Let the statistics speak for themselves.

Since LinkedIn came on the social media scene back in 2009, it hit an astounding half a billion global users, with the UK being ranked the fourth most connected country in the world. And with London topping the list of the most connected place, perfecting your profile couldn’t be more important in today’s job market.

Whether you’re using the channel to increase your company following, finding new talent or to attract recruiters in search of your next career move, having a compelling and engaging profile couldn’t be more important.

Having been ranked LinkedIn’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency for two years running, it’s safe to say we know a little about the ins and outs of the leading professional platform. We spoke with some of our consultants, with years of experience under their belt, and have 6 top tips to ensure your profile gets recognised by your targeted audience in exactly the right way.

#1 Get the basics right

The purpose of this blog isn’t to just tell you to make sure you have an up-to-date picture and job title on LinkedIn – you’d be amazed at the number of people that don’t even have that! As the famous saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words, and the same goes for your profile picture. It’s a visual representation of who you are and your personality, so getting it right is key.

Over the years, our consultants have come across some very interesting selfies, all of which are a recruiters living nightmare. From alcoholic beverages in hand at a swanky cocktail party, to the untold amount of university gowns, not forgetting the unflattering holiday pictures Darryl Corley came across that no eye should see, it doesn’t scream “I’m professional, hire me”.

Granted, getting the right balance of professional and outgoing can be difficult, but take it seriously. This could be the first impression you give to a potential employer!

Top tip: make sure it’s an individual picture. A professional headshot is great. Call us old fashioned, but we believe LinkedIn is a professional networking tool. Keep the selfies and night out pictures for Instagram and Facebook!

#2 Using the right language is key

Putting it bluntly, LinkedIn has worked hard over the past few years to monetise the platform, and businesses and recruitment companies pay an enormous price to get access to the data on the site. With that in mind, LinkedIn profiles should be as comprehensive as possible, full of keyword rich information. Recruiters and companies alike have the opportunity to search the LinkedIn platform, so it’s vital to use the right language. Any key responsibilities and key achievements on a CV should be on your LinkedIn profile where possible. Some other key tips:

For those using the platform to find your dream job, make sure your profile is relevant. Take keywords from the job descriptions you think you’re best suited for and add to your skills and bio, updating regularly. Be genuine though, lying on your profile is like lying on your CV, you will get caught out!

One major trend emerging on LinkedIn is the focus on future goals and ambitions. Instead of reiterating a list of what you accomplished 15 years ago, consider offering a daring glimpse of your future goals and ideas. This is particularly useful if you’re starting out or changing careers, as it puts an emphasis on your future rather than your past.

#3 Engage!

With over 50% of people earning £45,000 on the site, successful business professionals are dominating the platform. This means the content that is being put on your feed is renowned and reliable.

Follow, like, share and comment – interacting with your audience within your market are the keys to unlocking an engaging profile.

Also, be varied in what you post. A big trend is the use of video. Be sure to interact with as many different mediums as possible to show real variety in your feed. Read here to find out why video content is on the rise from a recent blog of ours.

#4 Recommendations

Recommendations and endorsements are another way to interact and engage. This feature undoubtedly is the most persuasive piece of content on your profile, allowing users to get a glimpse of what other people truly think of you. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is much more public than a CV, so getting recommendations are extremely valuable.

Jasmin Eastwood advises – don’t just cordially receive recommendations, give them out as well. This creates a connection, as, after all, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

#5 Become visible

There’s no silver bullet to propel your profile to the top of anyone’s feed, but there’s plenty you can do to make yourself more visible.

Starting with the basics…

  • Add your city into your profile – the location settings are really important to get right
  • Complete your contact information

To the more advanced…

  • Insert impressive work samples and build a portfolio
  • Showcase volunteer or charitable interests
  • Join industry-centric groups
  • With more and more people jumping on the LinkedIn hype, the platform is becoming increasingly competitive with each passing day. Perfecting your profile within this digital era is crucial to ensure you’re getting what you want out of it.

#6 Tell the world you’re looking for a job

There is no longer any need to be tiptoeing around LinkedIn, secretly looking for a new role without your current boss finding out. The ‘open to new opportunities’ feature allows you to privately signal to recruiters and businesses that you’re actively searching for the next move in your career.

Fear not, the LinkedIn algorithm stops connections in your current business from seeing it so you can tell key stakeholders you’re considering a change. LinkedIn has revealed that since the new feature was unveiled, more than 10 million LinkedIn members are currently using it.

Michael Judkins speaks highly of the feature, stating – connecting with your dream job couldn’t be easier, as it allows you to specify the types of companies and roles you are most interested in, making it a simple task for recruiters to find and approach you about the most relevant, tailored and suitable roles.

To find out how to activate this feature, watch this insightful tutorial.

Take a read of our blog from last year and see for yourself how, in the space of 12 months, this step-by-step guide has evolved.

5 Tips to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile


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