Contract Recruitment

Delivering additional interim and contract support for digital and marketing teams. 


Contract recruitment is an essential, yet often overlooked part of business growth. Contractors and interim staff are engaged for a defined period of time to ensure your teams are always best-equipped to perform.

When do you need contract recruitment?

Employing contract and interim professionals can super-charge your marketing department in more ways than one. Here are just some of the reasons you might consider a temporary hire.

Undergoing a period of change? Interim recruitment can provide you with the expertise to lead your business into a new era. Consultants and Interim CMOs are well-versed in leading transformational projects for a variety of businesses. They can advise and build digital marketing strategies, supporting with future growth and permanent team requirements.

For instance, we supported Elliott Scott HR as they recruited for a Marketing Consultant to develop a new marketing strategy.

Niche briefs can be difficult to hire for. Businesses often engage marketing contractors when they need access to specific skill sets. You might be looking for someone with knowledge of a certain tool or years of experience in a certain industry.

For instance, we supported The Key as they searched for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant. Despite being a niche job title, there was a marketing consultant in our network ready to step into the role.

Recruiting for a permanent position can take anywhere between 8 and 24 weeks. This is without taking into account varied notice periods and holidays within the hiring team/candidate pool. Hiring a contractor is a great option to fill gaps in your team, whilst undertaking the lengthy hiring period.

This was an option that Cripps Leadership Advisors pursued. We delivered an Interim Marketing Manager in just one week, so they had more time to hire permanently.

Looking to add a new job title to your team? Before hiring permanently, why not trial the role with a contract hire? This is a great option to secure the budget for the permanent role. Or you might find that pursuing a different route is necessary.

When The London Clinic was undergoing a period of change, they trialled a number of different communications contractors. In this instance, temporary recruitment sometimes led to a permanent role at the end of the contract.

Budget restrictions often lead to hiring freezes. Freelancers and digital marketing contractors are often a cheaper option and businesses are more likely to sign off on a temporary hire. So, if a member of your team leaves during a freeze, it's worth pursuing contract recruitment.

Starting a new project that has a specific end date? Often you need additional marketing support to accommodate your team's workload. 

Perhaps you're looking to boost your online presence with a new SEO strategy, or undergoing a web development project. These short-term projects often don't require a permanent hire. For instance, Together for Girls required a Media Officer to support their four-month project.

When a team member takes maternity leave or extended absence, temporary recruitment is needed to cover their position. We understand it's important to move quickly to fill those gaps. Our marketing contract recruitment consultants have a wide network of temporary staff ready for their next role. For instance, we delivered an efficient recruitment process for Yonder.

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