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Discover valuable insights with our latest bids salary guide! We have combined data from ove...

Discover valuable insights with our latest bids salary guide! We have combined data from over 1,200 salary survey participants with the expertise of our bids recruitment consultants. So, whether you're searching for a new bid writing role or top Bid Managers to join your winning team, our salary guide is an invaluable resource. 

Trends in bid management recruitment for 2024 

Our 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report sheds light on important recruitment trends for the year ahead. For instance, 50% of Bid Managers are gearing up for job searches this year. The prospect of losing half of year work-winning team is a scary one, so it’s important to stay up to date with trends in order to build successful attraction and retention strategies. 

“Organisations are optimistic about 2024.” 

Competition for talent will continue to be strong, however, with 70% of bids hiring managers planning to hire. “Organisations are far more optimistic about 2024,” says David Bremner, manager of bids recruitment, “They’re seeing more opportunities in the market and require a more robust bids team to efficiently deliver on them.” Staying up to date with the latest recruitment trends is vital to beat your competitors for bids and proposals talent. 

Download our full report for a detailed exploration of 2024 recruitment trends. 

The importance of salary benchmarking  

Unsurprisingly, salary is the most important factor for those searching for a new role.  

Responses from our salary survey reveal that 16% of professionals place pay as the most important factor in a job search. Plus, nearly half of our respondents indicated that they moved roles in 2023 for a salary increase.  

Salary benchmarking is key to offering competitive salaries. In our bid management salary guide you’ll find every job title you might find in a bid team. We have also included full time salaries as well as day rates. Whether you’re hiring permanent or temporary staff, our guide can support your recruitment needs. 

How to attract bids professionals?  

Of course, Bid Managers are considering more than salary in a job search. Here are their top five factors when job searching: 

  1. Pay 
  2. Flexible working policies 
  3. Company culture 
  4. Career development opportunities 
  5. Location   

Take a read of our full report for an in-depth analysis of these factors. 

How much do Bid Managers earn?

The average salary of a Bid Manager is £65,000 - £80,000 in Greater London. It’s important to remember that pay varies based on industry, location and experience. For more in-depth salary information, personalised to your business, get in touch with our bid recruitment team. 

Looking for more salary insights? 

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