Data analytics salary guide 2024

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You can download our 2024 data analytics salary guide here. Unlock invaluable insights ...

You can download our 2024 data analytics salary guide here. 

Unlock invaluable insights from the data of over 1,200 salary survey participants and the expertise of our data analytics recruitment consultants. Whether you're searching for a new role in data or looking to hire skilled Data Analysts, our salary guide can support your recruitment needs. 

Trends in data analytics recruitment 

Our 2024 salary survey shed light on some compelling recruitment trends. For instance, a shocking 67% of employees are preparing to look for a new job this year. Narrowing this down to just data analytics professionals, this figure escalates to 74%. 

There are a number of reasons for this trend, including pay, the job market and employee satisfaction. We explore each of these reasons in detail in our full Annual Pay & Hiring Report. 

Data Analytics professionals will be highly sought after 

Despite the predicted rise in talent, competition for Data Analysts will be strong. 64% of companies will be hiring in 2024, with 21% of those looking to expand their data and analytics teams.  

“It’s the skill set that everyone wants.” 

Our digital marketing recruiters and leading Chief Marketing Officers agree that skilled Data Analysts will be highly sought after in 2024. Industry changes have resulted in limited access to customer data. So, as businesses look to become even more data-driven, they’re hiring experienced professionals who can work with limited amounts of data.  

The importance of benchmarking salary ranges 

Delving into the numbers, it’s clear that salary remains the most important factor in a data analytics job search. Our survey reveals that 16% of respondents prioritise pay above all else. Plus, 45% of those who found a new role in 2023 did so for a better salary. Offering competitive compensation isn't just advisable, it's imperative for both retaining top talent and attracting new employees. 

Download our data salary guide to find out the pay packages you should be offering. Salary brackets vary based on skills and experience. To give a clear salary guide, we have included every job title you might find in a data analytics team. From the average Data Analyst salary through to the Director of Data Analytics & Insight.  

Plus, we have included both full time salaries and day rates, so you can prepare for permanent and contract data analytics recruitment. 

How to hire Data Analysts in 2024 

There is, of course, more to a role than salary. If you’re looking to attract Data Analysts to your business, here are their top five priorities: 

  1.  Pay 
  2. Career development opportunities 
  3. Flexible working policies 
  4. Company culture 
  5. Location 

For more information on each of these points, download our full Annual Pay & Hiring Report.  

Looking for more salary data? 

3Search is a specialist digital and marketing recruitment agency, specialising in a wide variety of roles. If you’re searching for salary ranges in other skill sets, access our salary guides below: 

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