How to grow your marketing team: making your first marketing hire

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Recruiting your first marketing hire is a huge step for any growing business. The first...

Recruiting your first marketing hire is a huge step for any growing business. The first marketing hire is more than simply a new addition to your team, they symbolise the creation of your first marketing budget. 

Getting that initial hire right is critical to the success of any marketing team, as they will be the one who plans and implements your first marketing strategy. This will influence the direction of marketing for the foreseeable future. So, how do start-ups get marketing right? 


How to invest in marketing the right way 

When start-ups hire their first marketer, they don't just dedicate a budget to their salary but also invest in marketing for the first time. 

To ensure that your business grows sustainably and invests in marketing at the right time, there are several considerations to be made. 

  • When should start-ups start investing in marketing?  
  • What should the first marketing team look like?  
  • What skills should be prioritised in a first marketing hire?  
  • How to engage marketers?  
  • How to set a marketing budget for your growing business? 

We have put together a report with advice from our expert marketing recruitment consultants to help you answer all these questions and more.

Finding the right marketer for your start-up 

Companies investing in marketing for the first time will often seek a generalist marketer who will be able to spin a lot of plates. Marketers with specific qualities, experience and skill sets are in high demand to support start-ups with their first marketing plan. 

In our report, we have laid out the best way to engage marketing support and create the marketing team that will set your organisation up for success. Exploring a range of options tailored to business-to-business companies as well as consumer-facing organisations.


Get advice from our expert marketing recruitment consultants 

Our team of marketing recruitment consultants have supported hundreds of companies with the growth of their marketing teams. From finding the first marketer for start-ups and scale-ups through to building specialist teams for global organisationsour recruiters have supported several businesses of all shapes and sizes on exciting growth plans.  

We have compiled their recommendations and advice for building your marketing team in this report. 

Looking to make your first marketing hire? Speak to the marketing recruitment specialists

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