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It is more important than ever before to keep your employees informed and aware of your busi...


It is more important than ever before to keep your employees informed and aware of your business activities, considering the challenging business environment. So, making sure your internal communication infrastructure is effective is vital. Internal communication improves employee retention by 44%, customer loyalty by 56%, productivity by 50 percent and profitability by 33% - the figures speak for themselves!

Internal Communications can be anything from informing people of an upcoming boozy Christmas party to announcing a new policy - they should be the responsibility of everyone within the organisation but can then be facilitated or guided by a certain person or function.

Still unsure on whether you should invest in improving your internal communications, read below to find out some of the reasons why we think you should!

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement ensures all your employees are dedicated to contributing to organisational success whilst improving their own sense of well-being.

The question is - how can you expect to have engaged employees if they can’t keep up to date with your company and have access to the information they need. Informing staff consistently is arguably the glue that supports engagement and an engaged workforce enables 2 times higher productivity, 3 times faster profit growth and 2 times lower employee turnover.

With generation Z and millennials being dominant in society today social media plays a major part in everyday life. Being exposed to constant sharing, comments and likes mean this cohort are heavily reliant on feedback and interaction. Internal communication now plays a more important role than ever before in ensuring employees feel that their voice is heard, meaning they are much more likely to go above and beyond what is expected of them.

Millennial's are known to job-hop, with up to 40 percent say they’re willing to change their position within the next two years. So, it becomes the responsibility of the company to ensure their staff stay. Improving internal communications seems like a good place to start – right!?


Having an effective internal communications structure ensures messages/updates reach employees in a short space of time. This is vital in order to communicate a clear message that won’t be misinterpreted or manipulated. I’m sure you know, rumours can be damaging to a company’s reputation.

A user-friendly intranet can be a powerful tool for facilitating effective workplace communication meaning that everyone has easy access to all the information they need when they need it. Considering that the typical knowledge worker loses an average of 2.5 hours of working time every day hunting for necessary company information... creating an accessible intranet seems very necessary– remember that is almost a quarter of the average working day wasted!

Company culture

Each and every message, article, update and announcement play a role in how people interpret the business culture. Company culture is important to both employees and employers because it is likely to not only increase the happiness of employees but also make them more productive. When a company creates a culture that is inclusive of everyone, your employees are more likely to stick around!

I am sure everyone knows that a good company culture helps to attract elite talent, keep staff focused and motivated whilst also maintaining high levels of staff retention.


When companies are ensuring they’re providing a positive experience for employees, how many consider their internal communication?

Whether you're trying to retain or attract new talent, being a transparent company that puts effort into good internal communication is proven to put you at a considerable advantage and help to improve your company reputation.

So surely having an effective internal communication system is a no brainer, right?


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