Why You Should Consider Working With a Recruiter

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Is job hunting making you frustrated and angry?Have you been scrolling through endless job b...

Is job hunting making you frustrated and angry?

Have you been scrolling through endless job boards with no luck in finding a job? Have you been receiving the dreaded, “thanks, but no thanks” email? If the answer to any of these is yes, then we might be able to help you!

I’m sure you know how exhausting job hunting can be, so why not get someone to help you along the way? Working with a recruiter is almost as simple as saying “please, find me a job”. Once you reach out, a recruiter can support you in your job hunt and coach you on those finer details like your resume and interview prep. 73% of job seekers say the process of looking for a job is one of the most stressful events in life, don’t contribute to this statistic, it doesn’t need to be such an awful experience!

It is important to work with a reputable recruiting agency, (like 3Search of course!), who have experienced and skilled employees there to help you navigate the job market. It is also important that you invest time into finding the recruiter that is right for you, it’s a relationship that may last your whole career. Take a look at why we think you should consider working with a recruiter when looking for your ideal job:

1. Access

So, this is what its really about isn’t it? When job searching, the most important thing is having access to employers who are ready to hire you. Recruiters have spent practically their entire careers getting in the good books of the hiring managers at some of the most desirable companies. They also likely have a trusted relationship thanks to the candidates they’ve placed previously. Something to keep in mind and take full advantage of!

A recruiter is there to essentially sell the best and most qualified people. Companies that work with recruiters are likely to give priority to candidates that recruiters suggest, thanks to the existing relationships. Therefore, by working with a recruiter, you can get your foot in the door from the beginning.

When applying for jobs online, the only thing that really distinguishes you from every other candidate is your resume. When you work with a recruiter, they have a direct line of communication with the hiring managers and can not only submit your resume (once they’ve polished it up for you) but also explain why you’re the perfect candidate.

2. Advice

Have you been in the situation where you’ve been applying to countless jobs, tweaking your resume but never knowing whether it’s good enough? A recruiter can help with this.

They are able to prep you for your interviews and debrief you afterwards. Often when going for an interview, you have no one guiding you on what the employers actually want. But a recruiter can offer insight into who you’re interviewing with and what exactly you should do to impress them. There is also the added benefit of receiving feedback after an interview which you can use to improve your interview skills. Ultimately, the advice they can give will likely make the whole interview process significantly less stressful.

3. Niche industry knowledge

You probably know a lot about the industry you want to get into and it is quite likely that your recruiter does too, especially if you go through a specialist recruiter. This means they actually understand what it is you are looking for and can help you find a job accordingly. This expert knowledge can be very helpful when it comes to guiding you through interviews and creating portfolios.

When an opportunity comes up that fits your needs, background and aspirations, they will be the first to know and get you in there. Not all job ads are on job boards and of those that aren’t, you never know – one might be the perfect role for you!

4. No more waiting for feedback

We all know that one of the worst parts about going for an interview is waiting for that ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. Unfortunately, it is common practice to simply send out a ‘your application hasn’t been successful’ email without giving any helpful or constructive feedback – annoying, right!? One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is that they will follow up with the hiring manager practically straight away. This means you will either come away with some constructive criticism or a job offer – it’s a win-win!

Let’s face it, job hunting can be stressful – and time-consuming! When you are looking for a job, working with a recruiter won’t affect you in terms of salary but it will make the whole situation less tedious. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, a recruiter can keep you in mind for future opportunities that may be worth considering, which is great seeing as 73% of candidates are passive job seekers. If you’re looking for a career change, check out what we have on offer here at 3Search and speak to one of our highly qualified consultants. You never know, we may have a role that is perfect for you!


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