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Taking charge of marketing strategies

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), we understand how valuable your credentials are to any business's marketing team. Responsible for creating, developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies for organisations spanning a broad spectrum of industries, you help companies establish their short and long-term goals.

You are an individual with excellent time management and organisational skills, staying up to date with the latest marketing trends and applying them to strategies where appropriate. You work closely with a company's sales and customer success teams outside the marketing team. Here, you gain insight and share your findings based on data and analysis surrounding the overall progression of a business. You then use this data and insight to tailor your strategies. 

At 3Search, we recognise much of your role as a CMO involves reviewing and managing new and existing marketing strategies and campaigns. You keep track of the campaign budgets, ensuring KPIs are being tracked and internal and external goals are being met. You plan effective marketing strategies and campaigns to support organisational growth based on research and analysis. Finally, you will present these strategies to the broader business to achieve the necessary goals and objectives. 

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Chief Marketing Officer salary expectations: £130,000 – £220,000

Being an experienced CMO, you hold solid transferable skills. For example, you boast interpersonal and analytical skills. As a CMO, you establish marketing strategies to ensure a business reaches its desired targets. In addition, your exposure to a vast range of skills allows you to venture into other fields within the industry, for example, as a Global VP of Marketing or Marketing Director.

Progression and wider career opportunities:

With 15 years of experience as a CMO, you may choose to progress into a C-suite role as a Global VP of Marketing. This role consists of taking responsibility and being accountable for an organisation's global marketing results. You will oversee various marketing campaigns and strategies with the wider marketing team you would help build. Additionally, you will establish and develop long-term relationships with each demographic of the business, from employees, clients and other stakeholders. 

Salary Expectations: £140,000 – £200,000

With 5-10 years of senior-level experience, your career and skill set could see you transition into a director-level role. As a Marketing Director, you think outside the box to achieve results for an internal business and its clients. Taking up a more leadership-level role, you will help build, train and manage your own successful marketing team. Ultimately, you will be responsible for an organisation's marketing output. 

Salary Expectations: £100,000 - £150,000

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