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As a Digital PR executive, we recognise your importance in devising PR campaigns and strategies to support an organisation's growth. Responsible for implementing strategic outputs for content across an organisation's digital channels, you help organise and coordinate various PR activities to enhance brand awareness and build relationships with internal and external clients, stakeholders and partners. Ultimately, you ensure all communications of a business are aligned with the brand's values and company objectives. 

You have extensive knowledge of digital, always staying on top of the latest trends and future developments within the world of digital to support your PR campaigns and content output. Your knowledge lends itself to various digital channels, including social media, where you deeply understand how to get the best out of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more. In addition, you are an excellent communicator and creative individual who can direct specific messages to the targeted market segments of a brand. 

We understand that much of your role as a Digital PR Executive involves strategically positioning a brand's message in an engaging and insightful way. You will arrange in-person and remote interviews and events and find potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities. In addition, you will monitor and analyse your digital PR outputs and handle the internal and external reputation of the brand. Overall, your contributions support massively in helping a brand achieve its long-term goals.  

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Digital PR Executive salary expectations: £30,000 - £35,000

With your exposure to PR at an executive level, your career can see you progress into more senior positions. You understand the best content formats to communicate a brand's message and the most appropriate digital channels to distribute your content to the relevant audience. Due to your experience and skill set, you have the potential to grow within PR. Discover your progression and broader career opportunities below.

Progression and wider career opportunities:

Due to experience in PR, you could develop into the role of a PR Manager. In this senior role, you will play a crucial part in planning and developing an organisation's PR strategy. You will manage a PR team, creating constantly engaging content to be distributed across a brand's various channels. Additionally, you will use your communication skills to liaise with internal and external partners to discover organic ways of enhancing a brand's reputation through content and marketing campaigns. 

Salary Expectations:£45,000 - £60,000

With your experience, you can move into the position of head of PR. You will oversee a PR team and manage a company's communications output here. Additionally, You will create various types of content to be distributed across multiple channels per the brand's broader marketing strategy. As a head of PR, you will play an essential role in delivering an organisation's messaging to internal and external stakeholders, clients and partners. Overall, you will ensure all messaging is consistent and aligned with the brand's long-term goals. 

Salary Expectations: £75,000 - £85,000

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