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Hi, my name is Charlie Rawstron and I’m one of the Co-Founders at 3Search.

We founded 3Search on the belief that if we created a fantastic culture, where people were rewarded fairly, knew where their careers were headed and loved coming to work, then we’d automatically create a business that provided a great customer service for our clients.

My role has changed a lot since then. I do less candidate sourcing than I used to, that’s for sure. Nowadays I manage a lot of the team and offer support and guidance where possible. I’m responsible, with Andy, for setting our culture and strategy. 

What hasn’t changed though, is our commitment to offer the best possible customer service and I still work hard every day to make sure we deliver on that.  

“Ultimately, I’ve realised I just love dealing with people.” 

I’m all about Marketing recruitment. Have been since 2007.

In that time, I’ve worked across a variety of industries and job types, which has given me a great grounding in understanding both marketing and recruitment. 

But what I really specialise in is people. 

I’m really showing my age now, but it’s been great to help the same candidates with 3 or even 4 career moves, and to be able to offer them support and advice along the way. 

Similarly, it’s been great to give our employees a platform to build their careers. We’re created a culture that people want to be part of, which is highlighted by the fact that a lot of our employees have been with us for over five years now. 


I really do love what I do and more and more as the weeks and months go on. Ultimately, I’ve realised I just love dealing with people. 

We’ve managed to create a business where we strive every day to provide the best service to our customers and clients, whilst having a good time along the way and working with positive, interesting and outgoing people.  

What more could you want from a career?

To find out more about what we’re building here at 3Search, get in touch. 

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