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Hi, my name is Jaemien Serrano, and I manage the Financial Services recruitment team.

I specialise in senior marketing, communications and digital roles in the financial services industry, recruiting for everything from Managers to Heads of. During my time at 3Search, I have found small start-ups their first marketing hire and helped build teams for large FTSE companies.

Working with such a variety of businesses who are at different stages of their journey is really exciting. Through introducing people and making connections, I am able to make a direct impact on their marketing teams and the success of their businesses.


“It's always nice to see previous candidates coming back to us.”

Having worked in this space since 2018, I have a good understanding of how different marketing teams work and the profiles of candidates they need to support their growth.

In this time, I have also built strong relationships with candidates who I have worked with on several occasions. It's always nice to see previous candidates coming back to us for help with their next career move. I love hearing about the work they have done in this time.

You spend 70% of your time at work, so knowing that I have helped someone join a business they really wanted to join and take that next step in their career is really rewarding.

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new role right now, I would recommend staying open to any opportunities that come your way. You never know what might be.

If you are hiring at the moment and thinking about engaging a recruiter, make sure you work collaboratively with them. There's no use in engaging an agency if you’re not going to communicate with them. If there’s a problem, be honest and work to find a solution together.

You shouldn’t view us as a service provider, but rather as an extension of your business, representing the business and its needs.

Looking for your next hire or role in the Financial Services space? Get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for and how my team and I can help.

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