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Hi, my name is William Shaw and I am a recruitment consultant, specialising in placing junior to mid-level marketers into property and professional services businesses. 


“I have an influence on major projects in London and around the world.” 

I love what I do because it allows me to have an impact in major projects in London and across the globe.  

In my time at 3Search, I have worked with some of London’s biggest property firms and global professional services businesses. Even though it’s not direct, I feel as though I have an influence on the major projects that these companies are working on. It's a great feeling. 


Even if you’re not looking for your next role right now, it’s important to build relationships with recruiters. We work closely with a wide range of businesses and are widely connected in the industry. If we can’t help you now, we certainly can later on. 


If you’re hiring in the property and professional services industries right now, it’s important to note that lots of interviews are being completed in just two weeks. If your process is any longer than this, it’s worth shortening it, otherwise you can miss out on top candidates. 


If you’re looking for your next role in property and professional services marketing, get in touch. I'd love to chat. 

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