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At 3Search, we know that as a CRM Director, you play a vital role in customer relations. Responsible for the development, execution, and continuous improvement of multi-channel consumer relations.  You’ll be working with different departments to guarantee consumer targets, financial goals, and business goals are met.

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You are an effective communicator that thinks outside the box and researches and analyses customer feedback to find any improvements to the email campaigns. You’ll develop a clearer understanding of how to use consumer data, such as behavioural, lifestyle, transactional and demographic, in order to deliver effective marketing programmes. 

We know much about your role as a CRM Director involves managing the daily running of consumer relation protocols, their refinement, CRM segmentation, onsite personalisation and product recommendation programmes. You’ll work with other departments to develop and launch suitable digital marketing initiatives. 

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CRM Director: What can you expect?

For the role of CRM Director, we have crafted a list of the potential responsibilities and requirements employers are looking for in their candidates. Take a read-through to discover more about the daily running of the role.

Responsibilities of a CRM Director

  • Utilise CRM systems to oversee relationships with clients and customers
  • Oversee and help implement multi-channel marketing campaigns 
  • Monitor and research CRM trends within the market and apply these to existing and future strategies 
  • Ensure the CRM system used by the business meets the needs of the company
  • Analyse CRM data to address the needs of the customers and clients

Requirements of a CRM Director

  • Excellent ability to create customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Deep knowledge of marketing and sales
  • Proven technical experience working with CRM software at a senior or director-level 
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to lead, manage and get the best out of CRM teams and marketing campaigns 


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CRM Director: Salary Expectations

The average salary for a CRM Director across the UK: 

London: £120,000 - £200,000
Greater Manchester: £80,000 - £120,000

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Progression opportunities for CRM Director

You have retained and acquired abilities that have helped you to exhibit a flexible approach to your work while developing an excellent eye for detail because of your expertise as a CRM Director. Additionally, you've demonstrated your ability to lead teams well while creating outstanding rapport with clients and coworkers. With your skill set and experience, your potential as a professional in this space is limitless.

With 12–14 years of directing experience, you might advance your career to a C-suite position, such as vice president of marketing. You must demonstrate leadership, technical, and business skills as VP of Marketing. When taking this next step in your career, you will use your knowledge to collaborate with other departments. The skills you’ve gained as a CRM Director can support your career progression. 

Salary Expectation: £140,000 - £200,000

Your experience will maximise consumer retention and the acquisition of new consumers, enabling the company to achieve its consumer base targets and, ultimately, its financial goals. In order to give the company a competitive edge in terms of customer acquisition and retention in the market, the Head of CRM keeps a close watch on emerging prospects and researches trends in the CRM industry within the commercial sector.

Salary Expectation: salary: £150,000 - £200,000

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Our team are experts in their field and has extensive experience placing CRM Director talent into international organisations. At 3Search, we are your partners. We want to help you with opportunities to learn and grow. We adapt our recruitment processes to suit your career goals and individual needs. To learn more about our process, speak to one of our team members today. Alternatively, you can look through our latest CRM Director jobs below.

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