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As a Customer Insight Manager, we understand that your role is responsible for planning and implementing consumer market research projects and data analysis. You’ll be putting the results of your data analysis into insights that support product development, category management, and sales initiatives. In addition, you’ll be responsible for managing staff in the day-to-day performance, ensuring that the project department milestones goals are being met and are adhering to approved budgets.

You are a critical thinker that can take on a leadership role and work with all departments collaboratively. Within your position, you work directly with the marketing department, collating data and analysing market trends to support creative strategies and help answer the demands of consumers within your brand's industry. 

At 3Search, we understand that a Customer Insight Manager role involves providing required insights to the wider marketing team and liaising with those within the department who directly interact with the customer. Your position heavily relies on providing modular recommendations to the team and analysis of customer data to identify any unique sales opportunities for the business.

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Customer Insights Manager: What can you expect?

We recognise that for all industries, the Customer Insights Manager plays a crucial part in the success of a business. Your role as a Customer Insights Manager is essential for the marketing team, and we've highlighted the main features of the position, including a list of the potential responsibilities and requirements employers are looking for in their candidates. Take a read-through to learn more about the daily activities of the role.

Responsibilities of a Customer Insight Manager

  • Analysing customer insights to implement effective strategies
  • Conduct market research and customer analysis to influence marketing decisions
  • Create reports and presentations showcasing customer insights and analysis
  • Utilise customer insights to identify business opportunities
  • Liaise with external agencies to support research and analysis-driven projects
  • Identify more effective methods of collecting customer insights and data

Requirements of a Customer Insight Manager

  • Proven experience working with quantitative and qualitative data and research
  • A strategic mindset with excellent communication skills
  • Excellent analytical skills with an ability to utilise data to develop strategies and influence business decisions
  • An ability to take multiple sources of data and use visualisation tools like Tableau and Power BI to create engaging reports
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Customer Insights Manager: Salary Expectations


The average salary for a Customer Insights Manager across the UK:

London: £70,000 - £85,000

Greater Manchester: £60,000 - £75,000

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Progression opportunities for a Customer Insight Manager

With the vast amount of managerial experience you’ve gained from your role as the Customer Insight Manager, you can use your skills across a range of different roles and in a range of different industries. We’ve gathered a selection of potential career progression opportunities with their corresponding salary expectations to help you understand them clearly. 3Search has compiled some possible routes for you to venture down and aid in your decision-making.

After gaining experience as a Customer Insight Manager, you can adapt your skills to fit a senior position as a Head of Analytics and Insights. You’ll be responsible for overseeing the data analytics department and managing the activities of the junior departments. As well as being in charge of directing the development of the department's culture, policy, and strategy for data analytics. 

Salary Expectations: £100,000 - £130,000

With the skills and experience you’ve gained as a Customer Insight Manager, you can seamlessly transfer into other managerial roles, such as a Marketing Manager. You’ll be responsible for promoting client engagement and managing the marketing team to produce high-quality campaigns with the target market at the forefront.

Salary Expectations: £40,000 - £70,000

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