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At 3Search, we recognise the importance of E-Commerce Manager jobs and the value they bring to global brands. As an E-Commerce Manager, you make executive judgments to ensure that pre-existing frameworks support profit production and promote sales and online stores. In addition, you help establish and develop strategies and employ sales-related data, accepted practices, and cutting-edge advances to support campaigns of businesses working in the online space. 

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E-Commerce Managers, like you, have the leadership skills to get the best out of their team and are focused on driving results for the brands they support. You are a problem-solver who takes a transparent approach to your work, with a vast range of knowledge of the various e-commerce platforms, marketing, SEO and online automation. In addition, you are an excellent communicator with a passion for helping brands grow in the online world. 

Within your role as an E-Commerce Manager, you’ll be responsible for running an optimum website by examining website traffic to determine how well marketing and maintenance efforts are working. You will look at sales-related analytics to guide and report on the effectiveness of both traditional and cutting-edge approaches. You will also manage a team of e-commerce talent while liaising with other departments, from copywriters to software developers and graphic designers, to support your strategies and campaigns. 

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E-Commerce Manager: What can you expect?

Here at 3Search, we understand the large responsibility a role such as E-Commerce Manager carries with a business. To help you to decide whether it is the right fit for you, we’ve crafted some key skills and responsibilities for a position of an E-Commerce Manager, providing you with a small overview of what you can expect. 

Responsibilities of an E-Commerce Manager

  • Work with the Head of E-Commerce to create and optimise effective online strategies 
  • Oversee the output of content across various online channels and ensure all content is optimised for SEO and aligned with the brand voice
  • Liaise with external resources like content, web design and development 
  • Monitor and track the progress of the E-Commerce store using tools like Google Analytics 
  • Manage the E-Commerce team and provide training and support when needed

Requirements of an E-Commerce Manager

  • Extensive experience in optimising E-Commerce stores
  • Proven knowledge of E-Commerce
  • Ability to motivate and collaborate with the team 
  • An analytical thinker and problem-solver with great project management skills
  • Deep knowledge of content and SEO
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E-Commerce Manager Salary Expectations:


The average salary for an E-Commerce Manager across the UK: 

London: £45,000 - £65,000

Greater Manchester: £40,000 - £60,000


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Progression opportunities for E-Commerce Manager

With the experience that you have gained from being an E-Commerce Manager, you can use your skills across a range of different roles and in a range of different industries. We’ve gathered a selection of potential career progression opportunities with their corresponding salary expectations to help you understand them clearly.

You can upskill your talents to progress to a senior role as a Head of E-Commerce. You'll manage new and existing e-commerce platforms to increase sales and collaborate with technical stakeholders on e-commerce development. Additionally, you'll be responsible for creating the e-commerce strategy and delivery.

Salary Expectation: £80,000 - £120,000

With your experience as a Head of E-Commerce, you can transfer your skills to another senior position, such as Head of Marketing. In this role, you will support the development of marketing communications strategies, often reporting to and working alongside a Chief Marketing Officer. You will also oversee a marketing communications team and assist with creating multimedia content while ensuring the brand you are working for has a clear focus and defined goals. 

Salary Expectations: £75,000 - £125,000

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