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At 3Search, we understand that as a Marketing Automation Manager, you are an intrinsic part of the marketing team. Responsible for implementing and creating email marketing campaigns that reach a large target audience. Within this Marketing Automation Manager job, you will manage the email campaigns you create, ensuring the goals and objectives are delivered on time and with the best quality possible.

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You take pride in owning the marketing technology stock and working closely with marketing, sales, product and data teams to plan and deliver ideas. The result would drive customer acquisition, retention and solution adoption. In addition, you’ll be responsible for turning business requirements into a reality, improving all forms of technology that the in-house teams have and providing insights into developing and remodelling customer experience and acquisition. 

We recognised that much of your role as a Marketing Automation Manager involves overseeing, producing and managing the email campaign. You will also work with the design and content team to maximise the campaign's success.  You will also build and grow your email list through organic methods, such as word of mouth or click-through. 

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Marketing Automation Manager: What can you expect?

For the role of Marketing Automation Manager, we have crafted a list of the potential responsibilities and requirements that employers are looking for in their candidates. Read through to discover more about the daily running of the role.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Automation Manager

  • Identify cost-effective marketing technologies to increase sales operations and improve business efficiencies
  • Build strategies with clear short and long-term goals for each stage of the customer lifecycle  
  • Oversee and deliver the marketing technology stack to assist the wider marketing team with  customer acquisition
  • Help optimise the customer journey, using data to better the end-to-end experience for the customer
  • Train and upskill the marketing department and provide them with best practices to create top multi-channel campaigns 

Requirements of a Marketing Automation Manager

  • Proven digital marketing automation experience to support various B2B organisations 
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Great project management and organisational skills
  • Ability to interpret complex data into engaging insights for internal and external stakeholders 
  • Deep knowledge of web tracking technologies such as Google Analytics


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Marketing Automation Manager: Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Marketing Automation Manager across the UK: 

London: £50,000 - £80,000
Greater Manchester: £45,000 - £70,000

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Progression opportunities for Marketing Automation Managers

With the experience and exploration of various responsibilities in your role, you have acquired an abundance of transferable skills to help you progress to senior positions within marketing. As you have a background in Marketing Automation, you have maintained and gained skills that have allowed you to present a flexible approach to your work while having a keen eye for detail. In addition, you have shown that you can manage teams effectively, fostering exceptional rapport within the client and internal relationships. Discover where your career can take you by looking through the progression options outlined below. 

As you have experience within a managerial role, your career path could see you move into a senior Marketing Manager position. In this role, you’ll support brands in constructing marketing strategies and campaigns based on marketing research and insights into customers' behaviours. In addition, you’ll liaise with the sales and marketing team, supporting them to stay on task and in line with the business goals and objectives.

Salary Expectation: £40,000 - £70,000

With your skills in marketing, you can progress in senior roles such as Head of Marketing. You’ll play a vital role in creating campaigns and marketing strategies for organisations. You’ll need to ensure that brand voice is kept at the forefront. To achieve this, you will utilise different formats of content and various channels to meet the client’s desired outcomes. With an analytical and organised mindset, you’ll be able to identify growth opportunities and always look for ways to ensure the business is future-proofed.

Salary Expectation: £75,000 - £125,000

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Marketing Automation Managers are highly sought-after roles as businesses grow and develop into industry leaders. At 3Search, we are your partners. We want to help you with opportunities to learn and grow. We adapt our recruitment processes to suit your career goals and individual needs. Contact us today for more information on what you can learn from being a Marketing Automation Manager or view the Marketing Automation Manager jobs below.

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