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Considering a new product marketing job? We can help. Our expert recruiters hold a great deal of knowledge, having worked with some of the biggest names in the technology and retail industries. Whether you’re wanting to be based in an office surrounded by like-minded colleagues or would prefer a hybrid-working product marketing job, we can help you find your ideal role.

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From Product Marketing Executive to Head of Product Marketing, we have a record of placing candidates into product marketing roles across various levels. We achieve this by adapting our recruitment processes to your requirements and connecting you to a role that utilises your skill set, allowing you to flourish.

So, if you’re looking for a product marketing job that gives you the opportunity to work on innovative marketing campaigns, you can count on us to find your ideal product marketing role.


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Product Marketers are in high demand

With lots of businesses launching new products to keep their customers engaged, we’re working with a number of companies as they grow their product marketing teams in order to support these launches and drive demand. 

Product Marketers play a crucial role in the development and launches of new business ventures. Whether you’re supporting medical advancements, new investment opportunities or changing the face of business, your unique skillset is in high demand to support new technology innovations and app releases across a range of industries.  

Your role as a Product Marketer is to utilise your strong understanding of your product and audience to create the right messaging and product positioning to drive sales. As a Product Marketing Manager, you should be commercially minded and empathetic to connect with your customer base. You should be able to identify, analyse and target the needs of your buyer personas, position your product appropriately in the market and build effective product marketing campaigns. 

Product Marketers encompass the launch and execution of product and marketing strategies. The skillset sits at the centre of a business’s sales, marketing and product teams, collaborating with each department to drive sales. Product marketing is a crucial part of business development, so it’s important to get your hires right. Partnering with 3Search will ensure you find top product marketing talent the first time.

Thanks to the strong demand for product marketing skills, the career prospects for product marketers are excellent, with clear career path opportunities. Key skills needed for career progression include: 

  • Relationship building 
  • Communication and messaging 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Empathy  

With more companies becoming increasingly product-led the value of product marketing departments is set to grow as these skill sets become integral to the direction of the business. Your understanding of your customers’ needs, wants and desires is becoming more important to business decisions, as companies focus on satisfying customer needs above anything else. For more information on where your skills could take you next, speak to a member of our expert team now.

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We’re not like other marketing recruitment agencies who simply want to meet their goal number of online marketing jobs; our values set us apart.  

At 3Search, everything we do is rooted in our 4 key values; ambition, kindness, enthusiasm and respect. We strongly believe that this has been an essential factor in our success as we treat every candidate with the same level of kindness and respect - no matter what role they are applying for. So, it's no surprise that candidates return to us at various stages of their marketing careers.

Average salary brackets for product marketing jobs: 

  • Product Marketing Executive £28,000 - £35,000 
  • Product Marketing Manager £45,000 - £55,000 
  • Head of Product Marketing £80,000 - £120,000 

Looking for product marketing jobs? You can rely on us to support your career progression. Whether you are unsure which direction to take or how to ensure you are receiving the best compensation for your extensive skill set, we can help. Take a look at our new product marketing jobs below or speak to a member of our expert recruitment team who can utilise their vast market knowledge and extensive lists of industry contacts to secure you the product marketing opportunity you’re searching for. 

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