Ascential is a specialist information, data and e-commerce optimisation company. By providing immediate and actionable knowledge, the company helps its clients perform to a higher standard and resolve issues. Money 20/20, LIONS, and Edge are just a few of their better-known brands.

Our work with Ascential

3Search has been working with Ascential since March 2020. The business was growing rapidly and needed a specialist marketing recruitment agency to assist with a variety of marketing and digital roles. Not only have we supported the business with its growth in the UK, but we have also supported them in building out their marketing team in America. We have placed a variety of roles, for example...

  • Data Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • Senior Performance Manager
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Head of Marketing (US) 

An urgent replacement for the Data Manager

Our data specialist recruiters recently worked with Ascential’s Managing Director, Sophie Bailey, to find an urgent replacement for a member of their data team.

The Data Manager role works closely with external clients and so they needed someone urgently to keep communication open and generally maintain client relationships. Data recruitment specialist, Tommaso Lucentini, worked closely with Sophie and the business to understand the type of candidate they were looking for.

Identifying top data talent

Tommaso worked quickly to find a reliable data specialist suitable for the role. Utilising our recruitment technologies and his market insight, Tommaso was able to send Ascential three candidates just three days after the initial briefing.

To be sure that the candidate was reliable, Tommaso worked with the company to develop an extra stage of the interview process to ensure they were definitely interested in the role.

When Ascential met Oliver, they knew that they would be a strong culture add to the team and for their clients. Ascential’s Sophie was satisfied with Oliver’s performance throughout the interview process and so decided to offer him the job exactly three weeks after our first briefing call.

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We're proud to continue to partner with Ascential in the UK and USA to support their growth. Our specialist recruitment teams are supporting the business to fill marketing, data and performance jobs.

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