Camilla Elphick success story

Camilla Elphick is a London based designer footwear brand that designs fashion-forward footwear with a feminine edge and British charm. They launched in 2014 in Shoreditch and are now evolving with global aspirations, with the brand and team growing rapidly.

Our work with Camilla Elphick

Our marketing recruiters began working with Camilla Elphick in 2023 when they were looking to make their very first permanent marketing hire.

We were introduced to the business through their investor, Karen Hanton, who we have partnered with in the past to find top marketing talent (you can read more about our work with Look Fabulous Forever and PetsPyjamas). 

Finding Camilla Elphick’s first Marketing Manager 

Our specialist retail marketing recruiter, Victoria Stokesworked with Camilla Elphick on this Marketing Manager job.  

As the first permanent marketing hire within the team, this was an important step in the company’s growth and so extremely important hire to get right. Victoria is a specialist marketing recruitment consultant with a strong network of marketers in the luxury and fashion spaces, meaning that she was best positioned to guide them through the hiring process.  


Marketing talent in the luxury fashion industry 

Camilla Elphick were looking to hire someone from a luxury fashion background, with a broad set of marketing skills. Plus, as they would be joining a small business and working closely with the founder, it was crucial that the Marketing Manager had an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Leveraging her network, Victoria built a strong short list of candidates and delivered a straightforward recruitment process for both sides. 

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Hear from our successful candidates...


Victoria secured an excellent Marketing Manager for Camilla Elphick, and Emily is enjoying her time in her "dream job". We look forward to continuing to support the business with their digital and marketing recruitment needs.

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