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Homeviews is a review site for residential property, as well as a data and insights provider to the property market. Since launching in 2019, the business has collated 40,000 reviews and is the only destination for verified residential reviews.

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Our work with Homeviews

Our recruiters have worked with the founding team of Homeviews to help scale their marketing and digital functions and achieve their rapid growth plans. By working in close partnership with the founders, we’ve been able to fully understand the type of organisation and company culture that they're looking to build. As a result, we have found Homeviews the right talent to help them grow the business they envisioned.

So far, we have helped identify five candidates, including:

  • Head of Digital Product
  • Digital Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Digital Analyst

Building Homeviews' digital and marketing capabilities 

Our specialist digital and marketing recruiters have worked closely with Homeviews' Co-founder, Olly McGinn, to build out the business' digital and marketing capabilities.

Over the years, our recruitment consultants have built a strong relationship with Olly and the hiring team. Having taken the time to understand the company culture and mission, our recruiters are able to consult the team on the type of hires they need to continue scaling effectively. 

Due to their strong understanding of the business, when a brief has been agreed, our recruiters are able to deliver well-vetted and high quality shortlists in an efficient manner. 

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Each of the hires we made with Homeviews have quickly added value to their marketing efforts. 3Search is now Homeviews' marketing recruitment agency of choice.

We can do the same for you! Start your digital recruitment journey with us today, by uploading your vacancy.

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