Inspired Education Group success story

Inspired Education Group is an investment management fund with a portfolio of 85 premium-private schools spanning six continents with 70,000 students and employing over 11,000 people. 

Our work with Inspired Education Group

Despite only launching in 2013, the organisation has grown rapidly. Following a $1bn investment from Private Equity in 2022, the business was valued at $5bn, with further ambitions to scale to $10bn and ultimately IPO in the next few years.

After successfully delivering several appointments for the business at a more junior level, 3Search Executive was briefed on a Global CMO search by the company's CHRO.

Searching for a global marketing leader

Inspired Education Group was looking to appoint a global marketing leader to build and run a team of 40 in a centralised marketing centre of excellence, whilst partnering with the global student admissions function. The ultimate accountability was to drive lead generation, new enrollments and parent engagement.

Our Executive Search Partner, Rowan Fisk, and the 3Search Executive team were briefed to find world-class candidates from fast-paced, direct-to-consumer backgrounds. They searched for marketing leaders either from occupancy-style organisations (for example, airlines, restaurants, car rental, travel) or an organisation with a physical presence or location (retail, casinos, hotels, events, hospitality).

Delivering an efficient talent search

Crucially, the talent search was briefed at the end of November 2022 and there was a requirement to have made significant progress before the Christmas break. So, the 3Search Executive team flexed the traditional search model, instead structuring a solution that provided a consistent flow of interested and relevant candidates every week – all delivered on top of a market map and search report.

Over the following 4 weeks, the business interviewed the best 11 candidates from a market map of 150 marketing leaders, and an offer was made just after the Christmas break.

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3Search has subsequently built out large proportions of the team, and Inspired’s marketing function continues to go from strength to strength.

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