Look Fabulous Forever

Look Fabulous Forever is an award-winning make up and beauty brand designed specifically for older people. Their mission is not to make women look younger, just more fabulous. 

Our work with Look Fabulous Forever

The business has experienced fast growth since its inception in 2013 and so needed a marketing recruitment agency to support the growth of its marketing team.

Look Fabulous Forever contacted us in June 2022 for assistance with finding a CRM Executive. The team had tried to hire the role directly but was finding it difficult. As the position is at a junior level, the company received a high volume of applications, and lots did not have the right level of experience they were looking for. Look Fabulous Forever needed a more concentrated search, which we were able to help them with.

Searching for a junior CRM hire

CRM recruiter, Suzannah Teggart took a consultative approach to this hire. After their initial briefing call, Suzannah had regular weekly updates with the hiring manager and made sure they were well-informed on her progress before and after their annual leave. 

Suzannah has partnered with numerous direct-to-consumer brands and so she was able to use her experience and knowledge from these processes to advise the hiring manager on best recruitment practices. Look Fabulous Forever were looking for a candidate with prior CRM experience, preferably from a direct-to-consumer background. However, Suzannah was confident that the candidate’s industry background should not affect their employability with Look Fabulous Forever. This allowed the business to be more open-minded in its search and broaden their talent pool.  

Instead, Suzannah advised the company to adjust their expectations around salary as this is a crucial point in the current candidate-led market. In order to find someone with the right CRM experience they were looking for, the businesses needed to be looking for someone at the higher end of their budget. 

The hiring manager was happy with her advice and, as a result, found a fantastic candidate with a great background in CRM. 

A quick recruitment experience

Because Look Fabulous Forever worked with us on an exclusive basis, Suzannah was able to provide a fast turnaround. The whole recruitment process took just one month from brief to completion.  

The company heeded Suzannah’s advice and moved quickly to offer stage when they found a candidate that they thought would be a good fit for the team. In such a candidate-led market, as it was at the time, this was really important in order to secure the desired candidate. 

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We hope to continue working closely with Look Fabulous Forever and see this as the beginning of a great relationship with them.  

Suzannah’s customer service and delivery was so spot on throughout the recruitment process that Janis has felt compelled to refer her to two other businesses, including PetsPyjamas, that are also hiring in the CRM space.

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