Smiley success story

Smiley is the original collaborator brand. Created in 1971 by French journalist, Franklin Loufranithis simple icon has retained relevancy through 50 years of cultural movements, from free love to raves to the digital revolution. 

Our work with Smiley

We first started working with Smiley in 2023. The brand was looking to supercharge their digital marketing efforts by bringing in senior level expertise who could lead and develop the team. As a result, our digital marketing recruitment consultants supported them with the hire of a Digital Marketing Director. 

A consultative digital marketing recruitment process 

Smiley had previously engaged a Digital Consultant to support the growth of their digital marketing efforts. Now, they were ready to make a hire who could lead the team permanently. However, the hiring team were unsure on the level and type of candidate they needed to achieve their goals. 

Recruitment Manager, Victoria Stokesspecialises in retail and luxury marketing recruitment here at 3Search, so was best positioned to support their talent search. Having taken the time to understand the brand’s recruitment challenges, Victoria took a consultative approach to the process.  

Your digital marketing recruitment partner of choice 

Victoria used her knowledge and network to streamline the digital marketing recruitment process for Smiley 

In fact, this was a true example of how our recruitment consultants are your partners. During the process, Victoria took part in Smiley’s board meetings and communicating with a number of areas of the business to define the job description, agree a budget and make the best possible hire. 

From there, she was able to advise on the right candidate profile Smiley should be looking for, before delivering CVs that fit their criteria. By leveraging her extensive network of senior marketers, Victoria was able to significantly shorten the recruitment process.

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