tails.com is a customisable direct-to-consumer pet food business. This subscriptions brand develops unique and personalised dog food recipes based on your dog’s age, breed, lifestyle and more to ensure they receive the right nutrition. 

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Our work with tails.com

tails.com needed support from a marketing recruitment agency with key hires as they continued their European expansion across six more countries. In order to achieve their goals and reach customers in these new territories, they required our help with building a new Performance Marketing Team.

So far, we have helped tails.com hire 6 roles, including... 

  • Performance Marketing Director
  • Head of Direct & Offline
  • Direct & Offline Manager
  • Head of Affiliate
  • Affiliate & Partnerships Manager
  • Senior Digital Marketing Executive 

Working with tails.com on a retained talent search

We were really pleased that tails.com chose to engage us on a retained basis. 

This allowed us to commit more of our resources, efforts and skills to the team build, something that was incredibly important due to the significance of the hires and the large number required for this project. This means that we were able to map the market for them and screen candidates to ensure they were the right fit for the business.

Taking a consultative approach to the recruitment process

When we began working with the hiring team at tails.com, they had an idea of what candidates they were looking for and what their hiring priorities were.  

Co-founder, Andy Sellers, and Director, Michael Judkins, took a consultative approach to the team, offering advice based on their previous experiences and expertise. As a result, they went above the usual expectations of recruitment agencies and would offer different solutions for this recruitment challenge. 

Finding senior marketing hires

There were three key areas within the team build (Digital, Direct & Offline, and Affiliates & Partnerships), meaning there were three 'Heads of' positions to be filled. The Head of Digital role was filled in-house, whilst 3Search identified both the Head of Direct & Offline and Head of Affiliates & Partnerships.  

Helping tails.com go global by building out their digital marketing teams

Once we had filled these leadership positions, we were able to move on to the more junior roles in the team. We were also asked to hire Managers into the team who would report into Samantha. 

These positions had specific language requirements. For the Direct & Offline Manager role in particular, it was critical that they were fluent in French as tails.com continued to expand in this market. Marion Queffurus fit the role perfectly.

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Hear from our successful candidates...


It’s really rewarding to have helped build the award-winning Affiliates Marketing Team, having won the Best Managed Affiliate Programme – SME at the 2022 Performance Marketing Awards. 

Their clear and streamlined approach led to amazing results and exceeded all expectations for tails.com. There was a 51% year on year growth in the number of new affiliate customers subscribing to tails.com. 

We’re super proud of the Digital Team and look forward to continuing working with them in the future. 

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